Sibling Asking Questions

I have a 12 year old sibling and he wants to go to confession, so he has been reading the examination of conscience. After reading it, there were some questions he had, such as what is pornography, fornication, basically the stuff in the sixth commandment. Now when i was his age, I already knew what this stuff was, and our parents never told us anything at all about God’s gift of creation. I am confused as to whether I should try and explain to him myslef, or tell him to ask my parents, or to ask the priest in confession. I’m fearful he will do the same as me and google it :/…
Please help!

Well, you might be a better judge of what your brother knows about these things. Maybe you should just keep it simple and tell him that fornication is having sex outside of marriage, and pornography is looking at impure sexual images. No need to get too explicit. Tell him it’s bad stuff and to stay away from it.

I really think it would be prudent to have your parents discuss it with him.

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