Siblings watching pornography


Hi my brother plays this game called fortnite and it’s freaking popular but the characters in it aka the women characters and sexualized which made me barely play the game and I block all the character appearances with my hand but my brother on the other side plays the game a lot and Doesn’t do what I do he uses the character sometimes he treats them like there normal characters he told me multiple times that’s it not inapprpriate cause he’s seen me turn of the tv when I see the character and the other part is he watches the game in his laptop and I have seen him be very suspicous when I walked in my room like one time I walked in he immdieatly turn off his laptop and do other suspicous stuff. Should I tell my dad about this but I am not fully sure is he sees pornography and I am really nervous to tell my dad about this too I am very scared to tell him this


I really wouldn’t worry.

In today’s world, many things are over-sexualised, and it’s difficult to cut oneself off completely. As long as a video game does not incite one to lust, or feature overtly anti-Christian themes, it should be fine.

Your brother could have turned off his laptop for any number of reasons, not all of them necessarily inappropriate. You seem to have a good enough awareness of this state of mind to notice if anything begins to go wrong.


So it’s ok for him to play it


I’d say that as long as it doesn’t contain overtly inappropriate material, yes.
Of course, if it causes him to lust, he should stop, but that’s for him to decide.


I would never ever lust at the characters I got into pornography for like 2 months then realized what I was doing was evil so I stop and confessed it and I never ever looked at porn again hopefully my brother won’t do that thank you for your help


If you do not want play the game, that is perfectly fine. This is an area of prudential judgment.

If your parents allow your brother to play the game, then that is their prudential judgment. I personally don’t see anything overly sexual here.

You are making some unwarranted leaps of logic to assume he is doing something nefarious.

Tell him what? There isn’t anything to tell. Your parents should be monitoring computer use, applying appropriate filters.

This isn’t your place to tell your parents what to do or to accuse your brother of doing something inappropriate.

I think your views are rather unbalanced. It’s a big leap from “plays fortnite” to “watches pornography”.


That’s good to hear! Happy to help.


Snitches get stitches. Don’t rat your brother out, let him get caught on his own.


Well my dad doesn’t check what my brother has done on his Xbox or what he does but I am sure that my dad had givin him a talk about masturbation and pornography and further helped him not to see porn I forgot to say that my dad always yells at us not to look when bad inappropriate parts come up in movies


But the game has sexualized characters in it which made me think


If he is under age then it should be addressed with your parents. Pornography is not just a “normal” thing people watch or do. It is a HORRIBLE thing that diseases the mind to the proper, correct treatment of others. It might seem like it isn’t harming anybody but it really is. Every time Pornography is looked at it makes the person looking at it desensitized to the abuse of the person they are watching. You might say why did I use the word abuse. NO ONE should be made to use their body as the sick entertainment of others, whether they are paid for it or not. They may choose to do so but it should never be asked of them. Pornography is a poison that has wrecked many marriages, many minds and many lives…


My brother is a teenager who is 15 years old


This is very true. Good advice. People trying to say looking at over-sexualized images is OK are not helping. It is wrong.


Yes bring it up to your parents and also to your brother because if he is a practicing Catholic and if he is watching pornography or looking at anything inappropriate in that sense it is a sin that needs to be confessed.


So I should tell my dad or let him get caught cause I am really not sure if he really is


That’s up to your parents.

How old are you?


Tell your dad you think he might be and your are worried about him cause you know how bad it is.


I don’t think my dad would want to tell you my age I am sorry I shouldn’t of said my brothers age


I am very very nervous to tell him it will be embarrassing for me too but I think it is very bad for me to tell him I don’t think I could tell him I’m too nervous


I only ask because you seem really young and I think you need to discuss this stuff with your parents and not anonymous strangers on the internet.

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