Sicily:Caronia:Canneto,the Supernatural,UFO's and Catholicism

I originally wanted to post this in the Spirituality forum,but this had a clear element of challenge towards Catholicism.

So this is why I am posting this in the Apologetics forums.

Now,this is very important for me.

Have you ever heard of the Unexplained fires of Sicily,Messina,Caronia,Canneto?

These fires were mysterious,irrational and unexplained.

It was about a phenomena about fires mysteriously being caused in the village of Canneto,Sicily.

On the Wikipedia

A explanation is stated.That is good and all.

But…I myself have last year watched a show on Discovery Science/Discovery Channel called The Unexplained Files.

It is your typical Unexplained/Paranormal show…but with a twist.

I was watching the episode where they talked about the fires.

4 explanations are proposed for the fires:

1:It is all just a normal thing.These fires are normal.

2:They are caused by secret government experiments in the distance.

3:UFO’s (as always)

4:Supernatural Evil

5:Arson (Wikipedia)

I did not watch the entire episode…only parts of it since I thought they were gonna of course resort to UFO’s…

Now,they debunked the idea it is a secret governent experiment doing this by showing secret military files that show no activity was present around the times of the fires.

They then moved towards the evil spirits explanation.They show John Paul II blessed the cities for the fires to stop.

But they didn’t.
Then they bring in Gabriel Amorth who says it is all evil spirits.I already choose the Catholic explanation.And ignored the rest.Then they said later (I didn’t pay attention to the the material in the middle)that the Catholic Church cannot explain this completely (including likely Amorth).They said this in their conclusion statement about what this phenomena really was.

Before that conclusion,I watched only a few minutes of it,since I ignored the rest.

At that point a few minutes before their conclusion they moved to UFO theory and brought a witness who filmed a helicopter being chased by a unknown flying object.The witness said he saw the object at night along with other people and later came away with unexplained burns on the skin.

Now,I think they might have adressed the Arson explanation since other episodes of the show try to debunk explanations other paranormal shows can’t debunk or do not want to go against it,and because I myself ignored a larger part of the middle of the episode.

Now,the show is called The Unexplained Files.

It runs on Discovery Science and Disc.Channel.

If anyone saw that episode and can debunk their statements the Catholic explanation cannot explain everything,I will be happy.

Also,I think this might turn into a possible case for evidence of the supernatural…

UPDATE:The reason for a second post which is basically a repeat of the first one is because the Canneto site on Wikipedia is defunct.

The functioning page is about Caronia.It also contains a part talking about the fires.

I tried to repost the Canneto site again,only to find it is truly defunct,that is why I posted a second time and replaced the Canneto site with Caronia.

ANOTHER UPDATE:On the Wikipedia page for Caronia,the one that is funcitional,the one in the second post,talks about this…

The mysterious fires started again this summer.The fires returned in summer 2014.

I myself think a case could be made that this is proof for the supernatural…

I love a good paranormal story as much as anyone, but this sounds more like flammable gasses seeping up from the earth. The whole area is very volcanic. Sicily may be getting ready to explode, God forbid.

I haven’t watched the much of the episode…but this episode talked about how the fires were irrational fires…

The above last link is how the show episodes look like.

Oh,and I remember the show mentioning a person seeing an UFO in the sky during the fires.

And some people claim a cabel without electricity catches fire as well…

Keep in mind that show tries to debunk various explanations for the fires.I haven’t seen the middle of the episode…so they could have tackled that explanation.

And let us not forget they show Amorth saying it is supernatural.

If there are UFO’s involved, maybe it is demonic. I think UFO’s are really the wicked ones. That’s an interesting website. I watched a couple of videos. One was about dogs jumping to their deaths off a bridge.

And if I am anot mistaken,I saw a video on the website called ‘‘The Real Exorcist’’.It basically talks about the real life priest and his exorcism experience which inspired The Exorcist movie…

Actually,I remember correctly about the UFO thing.

They brought a witness who saw a helicopter being ‘‘chased’’ by a UFO like thing.He photographed the entire thing.

Later that person said during the night he and some other people who were with him saw the UFO and they later had unexplained burn marks on their skin.

  1. Probably.
  2. Maybe.
  3. No chance.
  4. Unlikely.
  5. Wikipedia? :wink:

The simplest possibility is often true.

UFOs are no more than unidentified objects in the sky. Not necessarily alien hot-rods.

Such visible disturbances in the sky can accompany volcanism, as can fires.


But it does not explain how the object was chasing a helicopter and how people who saw it in the sky clearly received burn marks

The show I am talking about actually is avery special show

It tries its best to debunk the natural explanations of a phenomena including the fires

I have only watched the first few minutes of the episode as well as the last few

What happened in the middle is unknown to me

But I did manage to remember this:

1:They said the fires were irrational because they managed to put water pipes and unplugged cabels into flames.The fires also burned furniture and other things for no apparent reason.

The fires started again this very summer.

2:The episode showed secret military files that reveal there was no activity in the time of the fires. so the military is not responsible

3:They showed a man who photographed a ufo chasing a helicopter and that the witness had unexplained burns after the encounter

4:Gabriel Amorth was invited and he supports the idea it was supernatural evil.Later at the conclusion they said the Church cannot explain this,including Amorth for whatever reason since I did not watch what happened in the middle of the episode

5:The authorities ruled out arson very early

6:Since I did not watch half of the episode dealing with the fires,it is likely they tried to debunk the idea it was volcanic gases that caused the fires

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That’s bad logic, the Church for example when investigating miracles starts with the assumption of investigating possible natural causes before proceeding further, the programme sounds very much like it is trying to make the facts fit conclusions it has already drawn.

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