Sicily "paradise of devils" and land of exorcists


From “Corriere Della Sera” and English translation

Bagheria (Palermo) - It has been described as “the Sicilian paradise inhabited by devils.” And watching the extraordinary concentration of priests would be exorcists believe. The island has an unusual record: the highest number of priests officially appointed by their bishops to fight the devil. At about 100 priests surveyed exorcists in Italy, almost 20 are in Sicily. And in the war on Satan are mobilized not only the ministers of the church, but also lay people and even doctors. All claim to “work at full capacity” and the Episcopal Conference of Sicily is the only one in Italy to promote the formation constant. Recently the chairman of Cesi, Bishop Paolo Romeo of Palermo, he wanted to personally meet Bagheria. “I thank you - he said - for your ministry and for the hardening necessary to fight the evil.” …

some photos

100 exorcists for a country with 60 million people? Is the ratio similar to the USA?


I don’t understand what those pictures are of.

Maybe they are just more conscious of evil in Sicily. We have evil all around us and rarely even recognized it.


I have heard that each diocese needs to have at least 1 exorcist.

But 20 all in Sicily? That seems to be a great amount. :frowning:

The article says that the mafia isn’t a manifestation of the devil. Well if it isn’t, the evil one is at least in favor of it

Saints Agatha and Rosalia, please intercede for Sicily to be delivered from Evil. Amen. :gopray2:


Is it me or is the cross behind the altar inverted?


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