Sick and going to mass?

My one year old has a chest cold and is coughing. My husband is also coughing, so neither of them are going to mass so as not to possibly make an elderly person or someone with a low immune system sick. I’m not sick, and my 3 year old son also does not appear to be sick. Should I take him? Are we obligated to go alone or do we stay home with the family? Thanks!

It doesn’t seem, based on what you have written, that your husband and one year old require your hands on care to the point of needing to miss Mass.

Only you and your DH can make the call of whether he feels up to caring for the 3yo while you go to Mass, you are up to taking your 3 yo with you while he stays with the 1 yo, or you need to stay home to care for everyone.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think they really need my care, but it’s a little further complicated by the fact that we are in a new city and we would be walking to a church we have never been to about a mile away. We will probably end up going, but the prospect seems a bit daunting :slight_smile:

Use your best judgment. If you are uncomfortable walking, is it possible to go by cab?

God never expects the impossible. You know what you can do and that is what you need to do. If in your heart you know that staying home is where you need to be then stay home. If it is just inconvenience then attend Mass. You know what you need to do. God bless you… and I pray that your family feels better soon. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I think we will go, but bed is so comfy! I will turn it into an adventure. It’s supposed to be one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the country! :slight_smile:

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