Sick and there ain't no way I am wasting a perfectly good sickness!


So I am sick as a dog, so while I ask you to pray for my health to be restored I am offering this up for the conversion of sinners.

If you got any intentions you’d like to me to offer up while I am sick let me know, I’m not wasting this opportunity!


For you to become a powerhouse of prayer seems like a good intention. Sounds like we need you!


Your post made me smile.Pray for all our forum members who are in desparte need of Healing,Finances and Comfort.Thank you,Rocky.


Am praying hard for you. Please pray for my wife also.


Praying for you. Please pray for my sons.



I will join in your prayers and add those who need good employment and health.



Thank you!!

That those who are dying may be converted. :slight_smile:

May the Lord grant you to be speedily healed of your illness.


Praying although I am recovering so I’ll probably be shifting back to “normal” gear soon.


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