Sick Call Crucifix


Is there anything wrong with setting up a sick call crucifix, lighting the candles and praying before it? or is it only to be used specifically for people that are sick? I thought I could put a picture of a friend before it and light the candles and say some prayers.


I think it sounds like a wonderful idea…and I’ll add my prayers too.

:wave: Hi there friend.


Doesn’t even have to be for people who are sick. The idea behind them is that they’re just easier for setting up the proper setting for prayer, typically needed in a hospital or for those who can’t leave their beds. No reason not to use it in other situations, though, and I think your idea sounds wonderful; it’s like having a portable chapel or shrine :thumbsup:

Peace and God bless!


what is a sick call crucifix?


Here is one example of a sick call crucifix:



A couple years ago I started a poll/thread about them, and someone made a brilliant observation that they’re almost useless these days because you can’t get a priest to make a house call…


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