Sick Cat


My brother’s cat Yoda is very ill. He went to the vet a couple weeks ago and they said he had a stomach bug. Well, my Dad got home from work and Yoda had left a trail going towards his litter box. The vet said that all they could do was admit him and observe him or they could put him down. Of course putting him down is a last option. Please keep little Yoda in your prayers!

Who is the Saint that is for animals? Is there a specific Saint for cats? Yoda needs all the prayers he can get!!


Dear Yoda will certainly be in my prayers. And, St. Gertrude is the patron saint of cats and those who love them.


Did not know there was a Patron Saint of Cats… Thank you Della!

Prayers to St Francis for an ailing animal:

St. Francis of Assisi Lover of all Creation
Prayer for Sick Animals:

Heavenly Father,
you created all things for your glory
and made us stewards of this creature
If it is your will, restore it to health andstrength.
Blessed are you, Lord God,
and holy is your name for ever and ever.

(To make a Novena for a sick pet, say this prayer for 9 consecutive days)

Heavenly Father, our human ties with our friends of other species is
wonderful and special gift from You. We now ask You to grant our
special animal companions your Fatherly care and healing power to
take away any suffering they have. Give us, their human friends,
new understanding of our responsibilities to these creatures of
Yours. They have trust in us as we have in You; our souls and
theirs are on this earth together to give one another friendship,
affection, and caring. Take our heartfelt prayers and fill Your ill
or suffering animals with healing Light and strength to overcome
whatever weakness of body they have.

(Here mention the names of the animals needing prayer).

Your goodness is turned upon every living thing and Your grace flows
to all Your creatures. From our souls to theirs goodness flows,
touching each of us with the reflection of Your love. Grant to our
special animal companions long and healthy lives. Give them good
relationships with us, and if You see fit to take them from us, help
us to understand that they are not gone from us, but only drawing
closer to You. Grant our prayer through the intercession of good
St. Francis of Assisi, who honored You through all Your creatures.
Give him the power to watch over our animal friends until they are
safely with You in eternity, where we someday hope to join them in
giving You honor forever.


I’m praying for Yoda.


Praying for Yoda - I hope it’s not related to the pet food contamination, and is something he can recover from. :frowning:



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