sick grandmother

Hello Everyone!

My grandma is very ill, she has alzheimers, problems with her heart, and cysts in her liver and kidneys. She has been through a lot of stress the past 2 years, due to my grandpa’s death last year and other family issues. Last week she was in the hospital finding out about the cysts on her kidneys and liver. However they cannot operate on the cysts on her kidneys because it could be fatal. She was allowed to go back home on Saturday, and now my mom called me awhile ago saying shes going back to the hospital and they may have to do surgery on her, I am very scared and sad because my grandma lives in Spokane,WA, and I live in Canada, its about a 5 hour drive from where she lives, which means I have to cross the boarder and my passport hasnt come in yet. So i’m praying to God that I will get to see my grandma in time. I was always around my grandparents as a child, and I’ve already lost 2 grandparents in the last year, it would be very hard to see another one leave this world. I’m asking for all your prayers right now, I know my grandma needs it. Thank you so very much!


:frowning: Praying for her and your family.

Is she at the PeaceHealth hospital? It is a Catholic hospital with a wonderful pastoral staff…perhaps you could call on the priest there to visit your grandma…I pray you can come over soon…

I dont have too much information right now, I will later today though. So im not sure which hospital they took her too. She is living with my aunt and uncle and they will contacting us with more information, and I think a priest visiting her is a great idea. I think its nessicary

Praying for your Grandma…

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