Sick kitty


My dh just took our cat, Pippin, to the emergency vet. He’s bleeding from his rectum and is very tender. :frowning:

Does anyone know what could be the cause?

And anyone who wishes to offer a little prayer for him, I would deeply appreciate it. Thanks.


Not sure about a cause. But I’ll definitely pray for him. :gopray2:

St Francis of Assisi, St Gertrude of Nivelles, please intercede for poor Pippin and his person Della.


Praying Della…I hope it is nothing too serious. :frowning:


awwww:( poor little sweetums!:frowning:

saint francis of assisi please intercede on our behalf that this little sweetums is okay! Heavenly Father, i ask this in the name of Your most beloved Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. :amen:


St Gertrude of Nivelles, please pray for Pippin & his family; and for wisdom on the part of the vet.


Poor kitty! Sounds like an intestinal problem. I hope he is ok. Update us when you know something.


Ohhh poor Pippin. I am saying a prayer now for your baby.

I just love kitties. So sweet.


Thank you, everyone for your kind words and prayers. It wasn’t as bad as we had feared–no intestinal trouble, thanks be! Pippin had an abscess that the vet burst and cleaned out. He’s on antibiotics while it continues to drain, but his temperature is normal and he is eating well (too well, as usual :smiley: ). Thanks again for all your support for Pippin and us, his family. God bless!


If it was a dog, I’d have guessed getting hold of a chicken bone. (They split horribly) Glad the cat’s okay.


praise be to God! thank you Jesus, and thankyou saint francis for interceding on our behalf.


Great news about Pippin. :thumbsup:


Yes, we’re very thankful that we spotted it before the infection got into his system (that happened once before from an abscess he got in another place). He’s resting quietly now. I’m sure St. Francis was watching out for our little fellow.

One of our other cats, though is hissing at Pippin and won’t go near him. All I can think is that Pippin might smell odd because of the meds he’s been given both interiorly and exteriorly. Funny, isn’t it? :whacky:



Very glad to hear Pippin is going to be just fine! :clapping:


He may also smell like the vet’s office, which I’m sure is quite offensive to any cat or dog!

I’m glad Pippin’s doing well.


Funny how these little critters can become such an integral part of our families.

They are such a joy to have around.

I am glad Pippin is better. He probably is feeling better already just being back at home with mom and family.


originally posted by Della
One of our other cats, though is hissing at Pippin and won’t go near him. All I can think is that Pippin might smell odd because of the meds he’s been given both interiorly and exteriorly. Funny, isn’t it? :whacky:

I’m so glad you little furry one is going to be ok. Who said, “there’s nothing sicker than a sick cat”? It’s so true.

Every time I bring one of mine back from the Vet’s, the others hiss and act like goofballs for a couple days. Nothing to worry about. They get over it and go back to sleeping in one big pile of fur. (on me! :smiley: )


I am so, so glad to hear your good news!!

The other cat smells the vet…I have a relative who is retired from practice as a vet, & he says that animals (even ones who never were his patients) often act funny around him. My cat went up inside one of the overstuffed chairs & refused to come out, the first time he came in the house.
They just know. And of course, you are probably right that the scent is “off” because of the change in body chemistry.


Hi, Della -

I am so glad Pippin is going to be ok! I had to nurse my fur baby Pepper Gomezkitty through a kidney and liver infection…I had to force feed him for awhile with this huge ‘food syringe’. That was a year ago and I recently found a piece of dried cat food on the ceiling of my kitchen…


It’s pretty common for one cat to treat another who’s just returned from the vet differently. After I took my little guy to the vet for a small surgical procedure my older cat was downright mean to him. I gave the little guy a bath once he was well enough and after that, they were both back to normal.

I was probably more traumatized by the bath than the cat was though! :slight_smile:


I am pleased that your cat is going to be ok, but the proper recipients of our prayer intentions are men and women who are possessed of an immortal soul. To offer a prayer for a cat is sheer decadence.

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