Sick of blaming homosexuals for the scandals


As a same-sex attracted man in the Catholic Church who tries my best to live up to orthodox Catholic teaching on sexuality — among the rest of Catholic doctrine as well — I find it sick to see so many Catholics, especially on the online world, but even from clerics and cardinals, point fingers at gay people with NO NUANCE.

Here and there I will see a more fair approach that acknowledges homosexuals (people with SSA) are mostly good people, even in the clergy.

But it’s another thing to just blame homosexuals, even in a mocking way.

Like this piece highlighted on is subtle, but just as sickening:

If we aren’t careful in how we responsibly talk about the abuse scandals, we will be pushing even more people out of the church…


This needed to be said. Thank you for doing so. Father James Martin has also been speaking to these issues on Twitter lately, and his tweets are certainly worth everyone’s time.


It’s just not fair.

You can be same-sex attracted and faithful.

You can also be heterosexual, rape women and children, and abuse church teaching as well.

As far as I can tell, most of this blame simply comes from the human desire to scapegoat.


As a queer woman, right there with you. It’s clear the vast majority of assaults were men preying on postpubescent males, being queer doesn’t particularly incline one to being a predator. Something in the Church allowed this type of rapist to fester and we need to figure out what it is.


I agree completely.


Back when this problem because generally known to the world in the late 1990’s and early 2000-2001 it was discovered that several seminaries were ruled by what would be termed the “lavender mafia” Straight candidates were harassed and candidates with SSA were emboldened and encouraged. I believe a thorough investigation might prove that many of these priests who were abusers over this extended period came from those seminaries. Not an opinion, a fact if found true.
I sympathize with the above posts. As a straight male, I believe in what the church teaches about homosexuality. Yes it is outside of the natural order, and yes, the person with SSA tendencies must be treated with the dignity and respect all men and women are endowed with by the nature of the their creation.
But, if 80% of these 1000’s of abuse cases involved priests and young boys, then ignoring the homosexual nature of the problem is simply whistling past the graveyard. The horror of this situation isn’t as much as a “sexual” problem (though that is most serious in light of vows of chastity) but more the abuse of power and trust we put in these offenders.


@Catholic1seeks there’s a distinction between scapegoating homosexuals as Bishop Robert Barron has discouraged us from doing, and acknowledging that homosexuality in the Church has been and still is a problem, as Bishop Robert Morlino’s letter yesterday does.


UNDERSTAND it’s all coming from PAIN. Every Catholic is hurting and hurting deeply. Just imagine how Our Lord is feeling.

Our One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church has been infiltrated by satan and his evil workers. satan can use anyone and anything to bring down the Church because he HATES the Catholic Church, Priests and anything to do with the Catholic Faith. he’s used the weaknesses and temptations of the Priest’s authority and especially the Bishops and Cardinal’s authority to bring them down. He knows if he can get the clergy to fall he will automatically get laity to fall just by doubting the Church.

To those of you that are SSA and living a completely CHASTE and holy life according to the Catholic Church you will be blessed. PLEASE continue to do so no matter what the world says. When all is said and done it will be our Faithfulness to God and His One True Church that will matter.
But for those who aren’t they need to see what a mess it is causing. Nothing good can come of it.

The Catholic Church is God’s Church. If it weren’t, satan wouldn’t even bother with it. he KNOWS No Priests—NO Sacraments, NO Mass, NO Eucharist.

I have no answers except to NEVER lose HOPE, to KEEP the Faith, to know that in GOD ALONE I find my rest, Peace won’t come to any of us unless we do GOD’S WILL and one day with God and His Church we will know JOY!

Frequent Confession
Weekly and even weekday Mass
Daily Rosary
Sacrifice, penance


No, the answer is to ignore the problem and pretend like homosexuality among clergy isn’t a problem. :roll_eyes:

Forget Honduras, forget Chile, forget Maynooth, forget McCarrick. Nothing to see here, right?


There is no homosexual nature of the problem. If a “Lavender Mafia” of gay priests in seminaries were the real problem, so many sex-crazed gay priests & seminarians, then the only “scandal” would be all the gay seminarians & priests having sex with each other- plenty of gay men within the clergy all available looking for the same thing! …which would be a personal matter between said clergy & God- and internal matter of the Church to deal with.

Consenting adult men who happen to be priests having sex with each other may be sinful in the eyes of the Church, but it’s not rape nor any sort of crime against an innocent party that demands civil law enforcement involvement & stirs the sort of visceral societal disgust as sordid stories of pedophile priests abusing children. The nature of the clergy sex abuse scandals is that these priests chose to systematically target & abuse power over minors incapable of consenting to the sex acts they were coerced or manipulated into by predator priests. Power is what rape is fundamentally about, regardless of the victim’s sex. Abusing their power over defenseless children to get a sexual high off of is what the many accused clergy over the decades are guilty of.


I do not blame all homosexuals collectively for the abuse crisis. I blame the homosexual priests who committed the acts of abuse for the abuse crisis and the clerics in charge of them who either covered up their horrible acts or didn’t do anything/enough about them.


Well idk, the majority of the priests who abused the kids were gay and targeted victims who were the same sex. Just saying


The only flaw in your logic is this. If the problem were only an abuse of power, and there was no homosexual “color” to this problem, the stories of abuses would involve predominantly mature male priests, and FEMALE minor or defenseless children. No, my friend, if 80% of these historical abuses involved mature male priests (and there aren’t any other kind) and young boys, there is a homosexual aspect to the problem. I’ve heard the term “chicken hawk” applied to mature men chasing young boys. Sure sounds like that to me.
Oh, and speaking as a straight male, I have never had 1/1000th of a % interest in my own sex, from a sexual aspect. That attraction is called SSA. Operative in these instances of abuse.


And it would be just as bad. If the issue was purely homosexuality they could have found willing adult men.


And it wasn’t purely homosexual in nature. There were cases of predation of young girls. Certainly just as bad, maybe worse. The previous poster was right in his statement that sexual interaction between consenting adults is a private church matter. It is just the vast scope of male children who were molested and abused that brings to light the homosexual nature of the problem. Not exclusively, but certainly operative.


If this were a particular secular community/vocation/business that this was all happening in it would be dealt with no matter what, legally and professionally -------well just because it’s the Church it should still be dealt with legally and professionally. If a secular community/vocation/business had this happen they would clean house and make sure those coming in knew the rules. What’s different here. Those who participated or knew and hid participation need to be removed and all new people coming in know from the get go what is and is not allowed and what will happen if the rules are broken. .


This Pope Francis?


Thank you, OP, for this much needed message. It’s taking on the tone of a witch hunt, which is both unproductive and deeply hurtful to gay Catholics, as well as their families and friends.

The Church has a problem with an out of control culture of power and coercion. The abuse scandals center on PREDATORY behaviours and people enabled to act like PREDATORS.

Any step by the church to exclude gay people from the priesthood will elicit a (well deserved) backlash, as will flimsy attempts to self-protect and whitewash the very real and lasting suffering of abuse survivors. The real Church has endless room for men of both gay and straight orientations who lead morally upright, God-centred lives to discern religious vocations.

This is a critical moment for the church, and the world is watching closely.


alphawoman, my post you referenced said nothing about homosexuals. I referred to anyone who abused anyone in any way. ABUSE of any kind is never to be allowed anywhere whether it is of minors, young people, adults or older adults. Abuse has nothing to do with sex but it does have to do with power, intimidation and control of another person. That is the terrible wrong.

“Those who participated or knew and hid participation need to be removed and all new people coming in know from the get go what is and is not allowed and what will happen if the rules are broken.”


Well the Church has been doing that for years, a policy put in place by Benedict XVI and just recently reaffirmed by Francis.

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