Sick of the Anti-Christian comments from defenders of Jihad that appear on this board


Seeing no abject apologies from those who attacked us as rubes for protesting the murderous barbarity of Muslim terrorists I thought I’d offer this from Pulitzer prize winning author Raymond Ibrahim:

So anyone going demand an apology for court ordered Bible burning in Uzbekistan? Can we get a little outrage at Christians, including priests, beaten and their Bibles burned in Kyrzystan? Christian priests brutally tortured and murdered in Pakistan and Kurdistan? Christians not being allowed to repair their churches in Egypt or churches demolished in Pakistan and Malaysia or burned in Nigeria? Christian schoolgirls beheaded in Indonesia (their parents said they forgave the killers)? Any imams, muftis, sheikhs out there apologised for any of this yet?
Raymond Ibrahim, an assistant in the African and Middle Eastern Division of the Library of Congress, has a book coming out called “The Al Qaeda Reader” which will be published April 17th 2007. The book contains “translations of religious texts and propaganda”, tracing “the origins and evolution of Al Qaeda” and “revealing an ideology that calls for a relentless jihad against non-Muslim “infidels,” repudiates democracy in favor of Islamic law, stresses the importance of martyrdom, and mocks the notion of “moderate” Islam.”

He will be interviewed on CSpan this weekend 6 p.m. EST Sat. and 6 and 9 on Sunday.


but… but… the Cru-SAAADES!! :rolleyes:


That’s true. Just because the Muslim tore down the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and blocked access to the city by pilgrims and slaughtered both Jews and Christians and were constantly on the march is no reason to try to stop them. Mean old Catholics!! No, no. All infidels should know their place.

They should never ride on a horse. They should never try to defend themselves in court. They should pay the Jizya and thank the Muslims for beating them while they are doing it. They should never walk on the same side of the street as a Muslim or look a Muslim in the eye.

Christians and Jews are after all part of the territory of those who deserve to be conquered through war. If they dare to protest their Dhimmi status they deserve death or at least enslavement.



It’s about time someone started a thread like this!

Vickie :slight_smile:


PRAISE GOD FOR THE CRUSADES! If not for the Crusades blunting the Muslim invasions, otherwise St. Peters Cathedral in Rome, might have ended up a Mosque instead. :knight1:

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