Sickness and not attending Mass with the Pastor's agreement

A few weeks ago (start of December) I developed a fairly serious leg infection. My doctor gave me a sick note as being unfit to work, and this is still the case - the latest situation is that the doctor has said that I’m unfit for work due to this until 6 January, when he wants to see me again.

When all of this started, due to the nature of the infection I stopped attending Sunday Mass and told my Pastor what was going on. A week ago my Pastor called to bring me Holy Communion and said “Don’t worry about attending Sunday Mass until your leg is recovered.”

I’m slowly recovering and things are a lot better but still signed off work until early January. I know that many people may think this a silly question or say I should speak to my Pastor - but should I start going to Mass again as soon as I feel able to do so, or should I wait until I’m “officially” OK again? Missing Sunday Mass is not something to be taken lightly but I’m also considering my Pastor’s comment about not needing to attend until I’m recovered.

Are you recovered well enough to get out for other things? Going to the store, etc.?

I haven’t been going anywhere except for medical appointments. I think I understand what you’re saying, that if I consider myself well enough to do less important things then I’m well enough to go to Mass. But until the end of last week my leg was weeping quite heavily and I was told to rest it as much as possible - which meant in practice only leaving the house when essential. Even though it isn’t weeping any more it still needs some rest, although not as much - and it is also heavily scabbed, and I’m still wearing shorts to avoid “normal” trousers rubbing the scabs. So even though I’m recovering you could say it’s debatable how much I should be using the leg. I suppose if pushed, I would say that at the moment, I wouldn’t want to be walking any significant distance, for example to the store. The only reason I’ve been going to medical appointments is out of necessity because nobody would come to me.

From what you are describing, it sounds like your leg is not recovered.
But I will pray for your quick healing!


Thanks for posting. We could all do well to remember those who are homebound and would love to attend Mass. When we are tempted to complain abut crying children, the music at Mass or the person who vise-gripped our hand during the sign of peace…let’s remember to pray for those who wish they could be there with us, especially at this time of the year.
God bless you and have a blessed Christmas. I will remember you at Midnight Mass.

Obey your priest.

Listen to your doctor and your priest. This is not something that you would want to spread to anyone. Even if you managed to make it to a store or restaurant, you would not be as close to other people as you would be in church. It sounds very serious.

Just said a prayer for your healing.
God bless you.

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