Sickness from unworthy reception of eucharist


Usually when we think of unworthy reception, we think of poor pereparation. But can what we do AFTER weve received Communion cause us to become sick? For example, suppose someone eats gluttonously after Communion, can that cause him to inherit the miraculous sickness?

I am of course referring to corinthians:

'Whoever eats this bread in unworthy manner eats damnation. For this reason many of you are sick and many die.'

Please provide any church documentation on this subject. I'm concerned its happening to me


In Corinthians when Paul is referring to eating unworthily, he is referring to the necessity of being in a state of grace when you receive. Not anything that you do afterward,

If you indulge in gluttony after receiving, to use your example, you might need to confess it before you receive again, depending on whether it was mortal or venial sin.

I am not aware of any documentation to support my position, or to refute it, other than the clear context of 1 Corinthians 11, where St. Paul is writing concerning their behavior prior to reception, and while receiving, I know the Catechism only refers to not receiving in a state of mortal sin. What you are talking about would be ... like committing a mortal sin after the fact.

I would highly recommend you speak to your confessor about your question. He would be best able to guide you, as he would know you, and know your heart.

I hope this helps. You are in my prayers.


Maybe some pepto bismol :p


I think Paul is talking about spiritual sickness and spiritual death.

That said, guilt or anxiety could possibly cause a person to feel unwell. (Not to mention that gluttony itself could make a person feel sick. But there would be nothing supernatural about that.)


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