Side altar question


I notice that some expressions of Marian devotion suggest saying prayers and lighting a candle at a Marian altar.

In an older church that I occasionally attend, there are two side altars, one to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and one with a statue of the Virgin.

In the modern church that I attend more regularly, it seems more confusing. Both side altars are set into cubbyholes in the walls and have multiple statues; one is the Holy Family, and the other is shared by Guadalupe and St. Anthony. Are either of these "Marian altars"? They both have a representation of the Virgin, but not exclusively. Thanks!


I would consider either one of those altars “Marian altars”. I have often seen the entire Holy Family present at side Marian altars, and to me that seems proper.


Thank you!


Before the second Vatican council preist wasn't allowed to concelebrate the mass so if a parish had a number of priest they would celebrate mass in the side chapels.But the priest can use the side chapels to celebrate mass in both forms of the mass or on Holy Thursday as the alter of repose .

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