Sidewinder Vol-1

My name is Dennis and i am a Catholic illustrator, this is our first title called Sidewinder and I am trying to get this out by the summer.
The story takes place in the distant future where the human race is recovering from a galactic crusade against the chimera, after the war what is left of the chimera has scattered into the vast darkness of space, and the age of colonization of the outer systems of the galaxy has begun. As a result, many colonist made up of survivors of the war and half breeds of the chimera are spreading through the galaxy looking for land, wealth, and a better life.
This title is a Sci-Fi graphic novel and it has a lot of Catholic overtones, its geared towards teens and up, it does have some violence cause its a western in space but it has a lot of action, good vs evil, bad guys and cool space and gun battles. Please feel free to cruise around my website or blog spot, or better yet type in ADVENT MEDIA on facebook and leave me some feedback, i would love to know what you guys think?




We at Advent Media are holding an art contest for our first title SIDEWINDER! :eek:
SIDEWINDER VOL.1 cvr by ~DCON on deviantART

Entries will be accepted in your own comic book, manga/anime, or cartoony art style, the need to be in 2d art and fully colored.
All entries must be submitted to [email][/email]

  • All entries are due no later than Feb 28, 2010.
  • All winners will be announced in March 2010.
  • All entries need to be submitted digitally as 300 dpi jpeg.
  • An on-line gallery is planned on our website for public viewing.
  • All winners will have their work printed in the premier issue.
  • All participants mus include their full contact information.


  • 1st prize winner will have his art piece used to promote and published credit in the book, he or she will also receive a sign copy of the first volume by the creator.
  • 2nd & 3rd places will have their work used in the book and will receive a sign copy of volume 1 by the creator.
  • all other runner-ups will be judged by our editor and 3 more will be chosen for the fan art section in the book.


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