Sidney Powell claims there are 450,000 ballots that voted only for Biden, left the rest blank

Sidney Powell claims there are 450,000 ballots that voted only for Biden, left the rest blank

Celine Ryan
Washington, D.C.
November 8, 2020 2:33 PM

Attorney Sidney Powell claims that her team has found 450,000 ballots with only votes for Biden and no down-ballot selections made. Powell suggests that this number of single vote ballots is suspect, and indicative in part of “abject fraud” that she says flipped the election to Biden.

Powell is the attorney for Michael Flynn and has been vocal about the need to challenge the results of the General Election, which she contends is rife with evidence of a “massive and coordinated effort to steal this election,” by efforts to “delegitimize and destroy votes for Donald Trump, to manufacture votes for Joe Biden”

“They have done it in every way imaginable, from having dead people vote in massive numbers, to absolutely fraudulently creating ballots that exist only voting for Biden,” Powell told Fox’s Maria Bartiromo. We’ve identified identified at least 450,000 ballots in the key states that miraculously only have a mark for Joe Biden and no other candidate."


I have heard about this. It might be legit but this is part of this strange scenario.

There are no votes for others, this might explain some of the discrepancies say, with that one Senate case and yes, I know it might be, probably is legal. We will see what might develop.


I don’t know if this could possibly be illegal, but one could look at that and say that is so strange that a state like, any state with a high number of these kinds of ballots could say “we aren’t certifying”. There might be other circumstances as well that seem odd…

Then this and other stories out there, just posting, not saying if this story is solid:

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How can 450,000 voters only vote for Biden and not the other people on the ballot, that is beyond belief?

Those ballots need to be checked to see who voted and who signed each ballot. This is what is hurting the integrity of the election.


No one signs the ballot. In the USA, your actual vote is between you and your Maker. No one has the right to know how you voted unless you choose to broadcast your vote.

And that is what insures that people can actually vote for who they want to vote for, not who their boss or neighbor or spouse or party want them to vote for.


Sidney Powell “discovers” common aspect of all U.S. presidential elections.


No they do not sign directly but when they show their ID, they state who they are and that they are entitled to their one vote. This is done in person so we know for sure that this person is indeed a live US citizen.


I don’t know if that is odd or not with voting. It seems odd to me and not normal, but I can’t say that with certainty.

As i was reading this morning it is something that is important to investigate to find out if it is relevant or not.

“If there’s fraud in the 2020 election, then we must find it: Devine”


There’s more evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election than there ever was of Russia collusion, so America is owed a legal examination of the election irregularities alleged by the Trump campaign.

It’s not crazy to say this, despite the gaslighting from much of the media.

Basically, the election is down to roughly 120,000 votes of almost 150 million votes cast.

That’s 0.08 percent, a tiny margin by anyone’s reckoning.

Recounts have been ordered. The Trump campaign is challenging hundreds of thousands of votes in the courts.

Five swing states are within one percent, all with Biden in the lead.

In Georgia, Biden was ahead last night by just 10,352 votes.

In Arizona he was ahead by 19,438 votes.

In Wisconsin, he was ahead by 20,540

In Pennsylvania he was ahead by 43,251.

In Nevada he was ahead by 31,464.

It is not outlandish or unprecedented to accept the possibility that at least some of those margins may be erroneous, whether through human error or, indeed, fraud.

Electoral fraud is not unknown in America. Probably the most famous example was in 1960 when Chicago mayor Richard Daley allegedly rigged the ballot for John F Kennedy, dead people were found to have “voted” and 677 election officials were indicted.

Due to the pandemic, around 40 percent of votes in Tuesday’s election were cast by mail, double the percentage in 2016.

Even the New York Times once reported the truth that mail-in voting is the most vulnerable to fraud.

This is why most developed countries ban the practice.

So, as you can see, it is perfectly reasonable in such a close election to take seriously allegations of irregularities and suspicious activity…

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The story says this person claims to have posted that as a joke and was never a ballot worker.

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Let her prove it. If she can’t prove it, well…

Seriously? Do you really think that, with a Democrat and a Republican watching, a poll worker can throw out thousands of ballots? Do you know how many garbage bags that is? If she is referring to simply not counting them, the process doesn’t allow that. The spoiled ballots are checked by poll watchers.

This isn’t credible.


You are aware that absentee ballots have been a thing for a really long long time, aren’t you? People overseas, in the armed services, in hospitals, etc have been using them in every state of the union for decades.

You are also aware that ID made many years ago may not match what you look like now. Weight gain/loss, additional wrinkles, clairol, glasses, masks, etc, all could make your old picture look different than what you look like now.

Signatures also change. My signature at 18 looked a whole lot different than it does not at 64.

Biometrics you say. Well fingerprints might work. But most of us didn’t have fingerprints taken when we were born so you can’t match the initial birth certificate to old people. People’s eyes change (lasix, blood sugar levels, etc) so all those lovely eye scans might not be as accurate as tv and movies suggest.

So, what is your 100% foolproof, absolute, will never be wrong methodology that these states can follow.

So, what is your state doing?


These ballots cannot be disregarded simply because this guy is new to how people vote. Of course there are people that come in and vote for the president and leave, just like there are straight party voters, and those that vote for everyone but the president. Ballots cannot be thrown out over this.

@Balto1 said it best.

So, there may be more this year. Why? Simple. This year’s presidential election brought in more people than the history of the United States, and the greatest percentage turn out in over a century. That means, there are those that came in to vote in the presidential race that do not normally vote in any race.

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One of my family members said she voted down the ballot but left the president item blank.

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No one is concerned about absentee ballots that have been sent to the military.

That is not true. My license has to be updated every four years so it does look like I look currently. Also to get that license in New England I had to show three forms of ID - birth certificate, marriage certificate, and lastly, a notarized letter from my town saying I do live where I live. To get the notarized letter I had to prove this to my town by showing tax bills, an electric bill and the third piece of mail with my name and address on them…

Next time I get my license I will only have to update the picture.

So licenses are indeed a pretty current form of ID. So are passport because they also have to be updated.

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Credibility doesn’t seem to be a factor for everyone.


Sadly, this seems to be true.

“If it doesn’t agree with my point of view, it must be a lie.”

Kind of like, “If I lose the election it means that there was fraud.”


Have you changed your hairstyle in the last four years? Did you wear a mask when you had your picture taken? Did you change your hair color? Did you wear glasses for one and not the other? Did you gain way too much weight like some of us in the last few months? (Were you honest about your weight?)

Also, what state is New England. I missed that state in my 4th grade class.

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Why would I wear a mask while having my picture taken. I was required to take off sunglasses so I would imagine glasses are out unless you use them all the time. The picture on my license is only my face not body and it is pretty accurate.

Some reports are saying “under voting”, voting only for president or even only voting for the Senator is not uncommon. There is also “over voting”.

Occurs when a voter doesn’t vote for every office on the ballot.

So, we will see. Apparently, the press is looking at this issue now.

Didn’t you have to wear a mask when you were in the polling place. I did. And what state are you talking about?

That is not the way it is in my state.
When I was 16 and I got my first driver’s license my mother and I had to bring my birth certificate. That was the only time that I’ve been mandated to show my birth certificate.

That was over 25 years ago.

In my state we have a choice to renew our license every 4 years or pay extra and renew it every 8 years.
I choose every 8 years. Every 8 years I go to the dmv with my driver’s licence and get a new picture taken, pay the fee and get a new 8 year driver’s license.

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