Sidney Powell: Some may need witness protection after our exposé

I haven’t heard anything that big since Trump was going to share proof of Obama’s birthplace!


Kraken may well be a CIA hacking program. Wikiileaks, we will see.

Yep …

Does that mean…

Dems figured out how Trump was rigging the election, and used it themselves? Now they can’t expose the Democrats without exposing Trump?

Is Phillip K Dick writing the news now? If not, why not? It would certainly be more entertaining from his perspective.

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Sadly a) Philip K Dick is dead and b) Reality is starting to pass beyond the weirdness in his books.

‘The Game-Players of Titan: 2020 election night.’

In a follow up to the original novel we explore two of the most successful game players and visit their world at a pivotal moment. Meanwhile the alien Vugs have decided to jog on out the door as whereas before they were metafictional comment on narratives and who is really controlling the game they’ve decided en masse to say, ‘Blow this for a game of soldiers, it’s getting dadaesque down there. We’re off somewhere safer’.

Who controls the new game, if anyone, is now the question. Witness MC Stammer vs. the Teflon Don in a potentially endless game.

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I know I’m a foreigner, but am I the only one who thinks this rushing to court is a bit odd? If I had evidence that an election had been fixed, I wouldn’t sue, I’d take the evidence to the police. Why don’t they do that?

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I think it’s because they don’t have evidence.


They’ve gone to civil court because that’s the venue to dispute the election. If they successfully demonstrate fraud, particularly on the massive scale that Powell claims occurred, then you would see the justice system become involved


I think it’s noteworthy that the FBI isn’t involved. They investigate credible claims.


They might be involved if Powell demonstrates her claims in court.

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At this point my response to if she can a)Why did Trump cut her lose? and b) She needs to do so if she wishes to retain any credibility, simply going about how things will be ‘Biblical’ is great and all but at some point you need to present hard facts not superlatives and hyperbole.


And that’s where we are now. While the process should be allowed to complete, I just see need evidence to believe there is something there to overturn 3 states or more.

You’re in trouble when Trump and Rudy think your theories are too crazy for them.


That’s a huge “if”.

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And going more and more huge by the hour

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Been hearing lines like that for three weeks now. I will not hold my breath.


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The likely result.

To answer:
A) Apparently other people working on Trump’s legal team did not feel her claims were credible. She has been giving interviews to very pro-Trump media outlets (stuff that makes FOX News look like the BBC) promising evidence for a massive criminal conspiracy that would rival the most far-out conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination, the moon landing and 9/11.

–I would also not be surprised if Rudy Guiliani resented her, because he LOVES to be the center of attention. Rudy is also part of Trump’s inner circle – and they have known each other for years – while Powell is a recent addition to the team, being the attorney for Trump’s first National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn (the guy who was deeply connected to Russia and charged, pled guilty and then retracted his guilty plea). In the 1980s, Rudy Guiliani was a very successful Federal prosecutor in New York City. Former FBI Director James Comey recounted that when he worked for Guiliani, the most important thing was that Guiliani was ALWAYS the center of attention – “There was something of an unwritten code about working in the office of Rudy Giuliani,” Comey observed. “In his case, the message was that Rudy was the star at the top and the successes of the office flowed in his direction. You violated this code at your peril.”

B) Sidney Powell never really has to provide any evidence at all. There is a certain segment of the population that wants to buy what she is selling. She is playing to a select audience. The majority of Americans do not even know who she is, and for most of the rest, she was just someone working with Rudy Guiliani for Trump. She is trying to play to a base of hard core, dedicated, fervent MAGA – Trump fans who have already bought in to this global conspiracy stuff.


All those words are just your speculation

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