Siege of Iraqi town broken; U.S. lawmakers demand ISIS strategy


(CNN) – Iraqi security and volunteer forces have broken the siege of Amerli and have entered the town, retired Gen. Khaled al-Amerli, an Amerli resident and member of its self-defense force, told CNN on Sunday.
Iraqi state TV also reported that the siege had been broken.
The news prompted a wave of celebrations across the town, which had been besieged by fighters from the terror group ISIS. Residents waved the Iraqi flag and fired celebratory shots into the air, al-Amerli said.
“Today is a day of victory for Iraq and the resilient people of Amerli,” the retired general said.


Deo gratias


ISIS must be dealt with more harshly than what is currently going on. The aid drops and surgical strikes are good but they are not good enough in my opinion. ISIS must be completely and totally crushed. If they are not they will continue to pose a massive threat to Iraq, Syria, the entire Middle East, and indeed the entire world.


Australian SAS troops are already on the ground as our planes land to off load munitions for the Kurds. I am sure American special forces are there as well, but this President is playing golf and there is more comment about the colour of his suit than his strategic command.


Demanding Isis transparency isn’t realistic. These are special opts and their purpose isn’t to be transparent and jeopardize their own mission. This is happening all over the world and you simply won’t hear about it.

Consider this, Obama will go down in history for ending the Iraq war and the afghan war. This is what "HE WANTS, it about “HIM” not us obviously. The mistake is the foolish optics of “we don’t have a strategy” and so forth, incredibly foolish statement.


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