After spending the majority of Friday at Church, I get home and rest. I turn on my computer, and decide to play a video game for a bit. What do I see? People naming their avatars ‘Jesus’ running around in-game swearing and mocking the Holy Family. How hard-hearted can people be. Is respecting Good Friday and Christmas just too hard for them?

It is stupid isn’t?

It is like, when I put on the news this evening. One of the news topics was about if the Football should be played on Good Friday or not? First of, I am not a footy fan - so I wouldn’t normally care less. But what annoyed me the most I think, was that the people they interviewed practically said “Football is the most important thing”. :confused: I think some have lost touch in what Easter is truly about.

I saw the exact same thing! Surely they have OTHER days to play football on - why not have a break at least on Christmas and Easter? In the 50’s, sports were banned even on Sundays.

Yeah~ and I swear, that Football is played earlier each year! They play for 20- odd weeks as it is normally and then before the main season they have that NAB Cup - ridiculous.

why don’t you have this blocked?

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