well, I’m afraid that this is it for me as a unbaptized Catholic. I’m afraid that I can’t take it anymore. Ever since I gave my life to Christ, there has been nothing but trouble in my life (there are times when I’ve contemplated suicide). What else can I do but give up on God? Please help…

What is an “unbaptized Catholic”? A person cannot claim to be Catholic unless and until one becomes a member of the Church through the Sacrament of Baptism. Are you in RCIA?

Why are you unbaptized? Are you currently going through RCIA? If so, the devil is definitely having a good time trying to tempt you to despair. He doesn’t want you to be baptized and have all your sins forgiven! And he most certainly doesn’t want you to receive Jesus in the Eucharist! At the same time, we must remember that when Jesus looked at His disciples (after so many others had walked away) and asked them if they wanted to leave too, Peter said, “To whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” That’s it–in a nutshell. We can live a life here without God and then spend eternity without Him. Or we can live a life here as a Christian and have eternal life. Jesus said, “Take up your cross and follow me.” He never said it would be easy. Seek a relationship with Jesus above all things–He is the only One who can sustain you through this. Ask Mary every day to help you grow closer to her Son. I see you are a “Prayer Warrior”. May I suggest that the devil does not want you to pray for the salvation of others? Think about it. If you are given to despair and never become a Christian, then you will not be praying for others and they will not receive the Graces they might have received as a result. Our Lady of Fatima said that many souls go to Hell because there is no one to pray for them. I hope you will ponder this in your heart. God bless.

my father is to be blamed for me being unbaptized. When I was an infant, he never showed up for my baptism, hence the reason. And no, I’m not taking RCIA at the moment

Hello friend!

Explain to me more what you are feeling. What do you mean when you said you can’t take it anymore? Also, what troubles have you experienced/ are you experiencing that is giving you such a huge burden?

What else can you do but NOT give up on God!

He is everything!

We are nothing!

And this life is just so short…

Hold on, brother. Christ is by your side all the time. He felt sorrowful too. He also felt like He could not take it anymore. He did ask the Father: “you can do everything, take this cup of sorrow away from me”.

Trust in Christ, who knows exactly what you are feeling, who also had trouble over trouble in His life…"*He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. *" (Isaiah 53:3)

Our prayers are with you. My only advice is to draw closer to Christ by giving yourself entirely to Him even more completely, by becoming more and more devout to Our Lady, and by beginning RCIA as soon as possible, all the while attending Holy Mass whenever you can and performing acts of Spiritual Communion (until you can finally receive the Lord sacramentally). I am afraid that the absence of the permanent seal of the Holy Spirit which is conferred at Baptism and perfected at Confirmation is visible in your struggle. Once you have these and you start receiving the Holy Eucharist, you will know.

An unbaptized catholic is a catholic without the immense aid of sanctifying grace or the theological virtues of Faith Hope and Charity. Get in contact with a priest, and get into RCIA asap.

What else can I do but give up on God?

Give up to God and take the most important step in the spiritual life.

I am so very sorry for your trouble, your hurt and your loneliness. I pray in earnest that your scourged heart be healed by our loving God. You ask what you can do-- I encourage you, please consider attending RCIA. If you are unbaptized, then we can know that you also don’t have access to any of the other sacraments. The sacraments are our medicine! They are our armor and sword against the enemy! It is for the best interest of your soul, let alone your mind and your heart, to receive these graces.

Listen, I don’t generally encourage people to attribute all of their suffering to the Enemy. But I will tell you this–the Enemy’s ultimate goal is to gather us in. How? Sin. And I sometimes think that his “greatest accomplishment” is convincing one of us little lambs to take our own life. You need Jesus. You can not combat the Evil One without him! You already have a belief, which is a start. Now it is upon you to fortify that belief with more than the intangible! You need the sacraments. Please consider RCIA. You will be baptized and cleansed of original sin. You will receive reconciliation to be forgiven and cleansed of your current sins. You will receive the Eucharist which empowers us with Christ. This battle CAN BE WON. Please consider what I have said. My heart pours out in prayers for you.

I appreciate everyone’s encouragement, but the thing is that RCIA at my local church wasn’t a good fit for me

What was wrong with it? What is preventing you from going to a different parish if necessary? Surely something minor would not stop you from resolving your problem, I hope.

I’m sorry, everyone, but I’m converting to the occult in light of the hurricane. I trusted in Him and he has let me down

Because of the hurricane? Seriously?

Recall the book of Job. Job lost everything – not only his property (home and all his animals), but also his family. Why? Because Satan was tempting him to turn his back on God.

not just because of the hurricane, but because of my life so far as an unbaptized Catholic.

You haven’t tried being a baptized Catholic. Go through RCIA and stick to it. if after a year of being a baptized catholic you still want to go off to the occult feel free, but as a person who was closely related to an occultist and who grew up in a state of near constant demonic oppression trust me when I tell you it’s a whole new brand of no-fun you don’t want to try.

I was looking for online classes, but I don’t even have the money to do them.

If you are that opposed to taking RCIA classes perhaps you could go to the priest and explain that you were raised catholic all your life but due to a fluke you were not baptized. IF you explain all of that and your aversion to RCIA then perhaps he may be able to arange something. If you want I’ll be glad to instruct you, but that won’t lead to baptism if you don’t have your priests approval.

I’ll appreciate the instructions, thank you

:thumbsup: Glad to hear it.

so, how are the instructions going to be? via PM or here?

Via PM, I’m sorry i had to go earlier.

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