Sight in Heaven


I have always had an irrational fear of losing my sight in Heaven. Since we will be spirits in Heaven, we won’t have eyeballs or eyesight. So how will we see in Heaven? Or won’t we see at all?


The Church teaches that heaven includes the “beatific vision” so you won’t be losing your vision. When the world is restored to the “New Jerusalem” things will be like they were in Eden before the Fall, with our restored bodies, eyeballs and all. Nevertheless, since God is Spirit, and Spirits don’t have physical eyeballs, do you think they can’t see? Or the angels? God has ways around these things. :o


My dear friend, i’ve read we see with the eyes of the soul even without our body.
God bless:thumbsup::slight_smile:


“Eucharisted”… how ironic! Since my earthly eyesight is failing (I will probably be legally blind one day, if I’m not already :hypno: )… one of my greatest hopes has always been that perfectly clear vision will be restored to me, in Heaven. And I go on… hoping.

Trust in Our Lord, dear soul… He won’t disappoint!


Interesting that I just came across this last evening in a book I’m reading. In Heaven we will have much better sight on many orders of magnitude, because we will see God and be able to see things through the eyes of God. We will be able to see down to the tiniest atom or across the entire universe.

We will not see all of God because He is infinite and we are created (finite) but as the author puts it. It will be like standing by the ocean, and saying we have seen the ocean but we only see a small part of it at any one time.


Where did you get the idea we wouldn’t have eyesight in heaven?

Or even would be, except for temporarily, mere spirits?

In any case, don’t you think the World to Come has an entirely different technology (for lack of a better word) than this fallen universe?


With God anything is possible. Trust in God and believe that we will see somehow in heaven and much better than we do here.


Exactly, God always has a way around these things. When Mary was assumed into Heaven she did not need an oxygen mask, etc.

The book “The Four Last Things” which does have an Impratur says something to the effect of

The New Jerusalem is after the End, after the Valley of Josaphat gathering, and not only are we restored to our physical bodies, but ALL the senses become more acute.

Pertaining to eyesight - gaze at sun without flinching, nothing can be hidden, distant objects are seen with clarity.


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