sign chi do

Hello, I wonder if anyone has heard about “Sign Chi Do?” It is offered at a parish here. I do not want to get involved in anything that involves Eastern mysticism and don’t know if this class does. Here is the description in the church bulletin:

“This is the Art of Moving Prayer and is an exercise program that gives you tools on how to calm your mind and strengthen your body while experiencing prayer on a deepr level.”

Thank you to anyone who has some information on this program.

You decide:

Does not appear to be Catholic in any regard. Far better to read Saint Teresa of Avila.

Even the Devil can quote Scripture.
Why the Trademark (“TM”)? There must be money in it.
And “facilitators”! :eek:

Amen! We have several Doctors of the Church on prayer, we don’t need high-sounding novelties.

Thank you all for your help. I was uncomfortable with the idea and agree that I’ll stick with prayer as taught by the Church and regular exercise.

From what I see, it’s merely incorporating a simple form of exercise with Christian prayer.

Not a problem from what I can see.

Why not go and see what it’s really all about and let us know?


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