Sign of Cross in Confession


Do you make the sign of the cross audibly before saying “Bless me Father for I have sinned” or do you silently make the sign of the cross while saying “Bless me Father for I have sinned”?






I make it outloud.


Generally, the priest always tells me to do it right away at the beginning. I also make the SOTC when he says “I absolve you from your sins…In the name of…”.


I was taught to say it aloud by the Nuns who prepared me for my First Communion at age 7, 70+ years ago. I was unaware that anything had changed in the Sacrament other than now the priest uses English instead of Latin, and in some places they have Confession face to face with the priest.


The sign of the cross is an audible prayer, as we are calling on the 3 persons in God.


Usually out loud and at the same time as the priest - as a fitting introduction to the confession.

I also say and sign it at the completion of my confession - then thank God and my confessor after the absolution.


I say it out loud as to acknowledge the Priest’s acclamation of the same. I also say it out loud after the Amen of my Act of Contrtion.




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