Sign of the Cross


I see more and more Hispanics attending Mass at my local parish. I notice that they kiss their thumb after they make the Sign of the Cross. Does anyone know the significance of this gesture?


I’m not sure if this is correct but I was told that it’s not their thumb they are kissing but their finger crossed over their thumb, which forms a cross.

Again I’m not sure if this is true or not, though no doubt more informed people here will.


Thats how i’ve done it all my life. You make a cross with your thumb and first finger and kiss the cross. I think it can about because of spanish influence and there devotion to the cross/lord passion. For proof of this just find some pics of crucifixes in spain. Very bloody and very real looking.:smiley:

I believe it is allowed because the gesture is seen as a devotional tool, and reminder to always go to the cross.


Thanks, that makes sense.

For years, I have held my thumb and first two fingers together when making the Sign of the Cross. It reminds me of the Trinity.


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