Sign of the Cross?


Are we supposed to make the sign of the cross at the words “May Almighty God have mercy on us, forgive us our sins…” following the confetior at Mass? Traditionally our family has always done so and about half the people in Church do and the other half do not. The priests celebrating the Mass at our Church also do not.


It is not in the rubrics of the Mass for the priest or the assembly to do so. It is a pius custom that some people have retained.


cf the recent thread, [thread=350587]Second sign of cross at beginning of Mass…[/thread]



So in your opinion, is it sinful to do so, since one is showing disregard for the rubrics of the mass, or at least choosing to ignore them?
Another instance is signing at the consecration or striking ones breast.
Another is continuing to kneel after communion until the final blessing.


As long as we are looking at the GIRM, is a priest obligated to have the sign of peace. One priest I know omits this from the Mass and goes directly to the Agnus Dei.


Just because it isn’t in the rubrics, doesn’t mean it is sinful. Catholics are still allowed to make the sign of the cross at the penitential rite, beat their breast during the consecration, women wearing hats, receiving the Host on the tongue, etc… It is not outlawed, just not required as a part of participation. It also doesn’t make one more holy than another. It is just, more or less, what one is used to and what brings a deeper meaning to the celebration of the Mass.


Thank you. That is my feeling as well. From the aforementioned thread though it seemed to be stressed that it is wrong to do because it is not in the rubrics.


You’re welcome. I have learned a lot from my pastor about what is liturgically correct and what isn’t.

I also meant to reply to your question about the sign of peace. It isn’t a “have to” but is suggested that they do it at each celebration. There are many instances where it may not be used, such as when the swine flu scare was at it’s peak. (we still have hand sanitizer on the credance table for the Eucharistic Minister distributing the Host). If your priest has several parishes where, for example, Mass is to be celebrated in a short period of time, he may occasionally skip it because of time restraints. It isn’t wrong to skip it but they don’t want to make a habit of it.


Wow! Did *I *say that!? :eek:

I don’t think so? (I don’t think anyone else did either?)

I was just pointing out another recent discussion of the topic. But if you’re going to put such opinions into my mouth, then forget it!



I agree with Joannm. It is a pious custom… which you will see some people, doing. Kind of like… when some people make the Sign of the Cross, and then kiss their thumb. Some people do this… and some do not.

Making the Sign of the Cross is a very good thing to do… at any time. Because it is a prayer, in and of itself. A prayer of faith and trust in the Most Holy Trinity. This is a good thing to remember, if (Lord forbid) you are ever in trouble… and have just enough time to make a Sign of the Cross. It is a quick, but powerful prayer.

God bless you! :slight_smile:


I know it can be hard some times knowing what is required and what isn’t. Especially when many places take a lot of liberties. :confused:


I didn’t make a statement, I asked a question.


Thank you for your reply. Personally, I can’t think of a time when making the sign of the cross would be “forbidden”. I will try to always remember your suggestion about the sign of the cross being useful in emergencies. Great advice indeed. :thumbsup:


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