Sign of the Cross


So this has probably been discuss, but whats the proper way of Crossing oneself? I always have gone from forehead, chest, right shoulder then left shoulder. But I’ve heard that it should be forehead, chest, left shoulder, then right shoulder.


I believe that in the Orthodox and possibly Eastern Rite Catholic churches the sign is made right to left. Left to Right is used in the U.S. Catholic Church. I cannot answer the question as to what is allowed or proper. How is it done at your parish?


I’m sorry to inform you, but unless you stop this incorrect method of crossing yourself, you are putting your eternal soul in very great peril! :eek:

Just kidding. :wink: The previous poster is correct. The Orthodox cross themselves right to left, but the Latin rite Catholics go left to right. I’m not sure about the Eastern rite Catholics.

I don’t think one way is the “right” way. You might check the old 1914 Catholic Encyclopedia: Sign of the Cross. I bet there’s a lot of useful background info that might explain things.


Eastern rite goes right to left.


I don’t know why I’ve always gone right to left. It’s going to take some time for me to adjust to it lol :).


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