sign of the Cross

If a Latin Catholic visits an East. Cath church for liturgy ,is it ok to do the latin sign of the cross (left to right) or should they copy the way the other byzantines do it right to left?

i gather if a latin transferred to EC or became a regular there they eventually would adopt the use of the right to left Cross,but if they go every blue moon to visit an EC church what cross should they use?

Whichever. If you can do so comfortably, you may/can do it the Byzantine way in a Byzantine parish. If you really don’t want to stand out, you may/can (but you’ll probably stand out anyway, simply because you’re someone nobody recognizes).

Note that not all ECCs do the sign of the cross right to left. All the Byzantines do, but the others vary.

There is nothing inherently wrong with doing the Latin SotC. For me, I follow the expression…When in Rome, do as the Romans. When not in Rome, do as the non-Romans. :smiley: While that might not be a 100% accurate way to describe it, for me I am as much of an Eastern Christian as possible when I’m at an Eastern Church. I feel more at home that way, but YMMV.

One can I would think --do either. I used to try to do right to left…

Now when I attend --simply make the sign of the cross according to my being a Roman.

Ethiopian Catholics (and Ethiopian Oriental Orthodox) sign the Cross from left to right and make a Cross with their fingers while doing so.

“We make a cross with the index over the middle finger. In so doing we position (or orient) the index finger as ‘center’ to the middle finger as possible while keeping the index finger straight until the last segment of the middle finger naturally bends downward. Thus making a cross with these two fingers.”

“While holding the above crossed figure position we then place our thumb on the tip of the ring finger while keeping the pinky ‘tight-up’ to the ring finger.”

It is similar to the way Christ positions his right hands fingers in this Icon, except to two fingers make a Cross:

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