Sign of the cross


Whilst in RCIA the other day, my Priest was talking about how some people bless themselves after receiving the Eucharist and some don’t.

I got the impression from him that he saw it as unnecessary, though the topic soon changed and I didn’t get the chance to find out more.

Prior to this I had never really taken much interest in what people did after recieving the Blessed Sacrement. however, I have since noticed that - in my Church anyway - the vast majority of people bless themselves.

So my question is, who is right, or does it not matter?


As memory serves (someone back me up), I believe that the faithful are called upon to receive the Blessed Sacrament “in a reverential manner.” Some bow, others cross themselves…in my old parish at daily Mass, there were usually under 20 of us, and it wasn’t unusual for some to genuflect AND cross themselves, as such an expression did not put an undue burden of time upon the priest or congregation as it might have during a Sunday Mass.

I believe so long as you do not treat the Eucharist in a common or pedestrian fashion, there are no hard-and-fast rules regarding this (again, I could be wrong.)


I don’t know whether it is that important really. The important things to remember are to bow before receiving, say “Amen” after the presentation, and then to thank Jesus after Communion.
Incidently, I do believe that I cross myself as I am walking away… but I never really thought of it as “blessing myself” anymore than I do when I genuflect prior to crossing in front of the Tabernacle. It’s simply a sign of respect for me in this type of situation. God bless.


There is no reason to bless yourself after receiving th flesha and blood of Our Lord inside of you.

The church does not recommend it and neither does the churhc teach it.

Also, holding hands at the Lords Prayer is discouraged by the Church.

peace, Justin


Making the sign of the cross is my way of saying to the blessed Trinity that I love God with my all my mind,all my heart and all my strength. Then I kiss the cross
(with my index finger and thumb crossed). :signofcross:


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