Signal Graces, have you received them?


Tell us your experience.


What are signal graces?


1 of 15 promises of Mary about the Rosary.


Well, I was driving down the street the other day and felt my "heart tighten up". It was a pleasant feeling. I went to confession the other day and as penance was told to ask for Jesus' sacred heart. This was the first time I was given this as penance.


I have received a number of them I think but the most prominent was my St. Terese Rose gift.

The story is kinda long but basically at one point in May I decided to say the Novena of 24 Glory Be''s to St. Terese...I said it from May 9 to 17 and I asked for guidance and care. At the same time I said a Novena to St. Rita which ended on May 22 for multiple things including a sign of God's guidance. There is more cool stuff to the story, but to shorten it up, I received a rose (from St. Terese in my mind because the Novena of the 24 Glory Be's began when a Priest recieved 2 roses from St. Terese after he began the Novena twice). I was walking with a friend in a building at school and it had one table of leftover flowers from the prom. My friend randomly picked up a rose and looked at it and then suddenly gave it to me just to be nice....first time I ever received a rose, and it happened on May 24, right after I completed both me that was a pretty cool signal grace!!


Our priesrs homily for today was similar.

He gave Extreme Unction to a devout lady who wore blue every Sunday in memory of Mary. Her last words were to Mary. She died with a smile, and at that instance the smell of roses filled the house.


I get them when the lights flicker in the house. Usually it correlates to knowledge I receive or shall I say wisdom.

The lights flicker when the wisdom is revealed to me.


When the phone wrang from the hospital that my great grandmother had died, the light over the statue of the Blessed Mother flickered. The statue was in a recess in the main hallway of her house. Some of the family members witnessed.


I’ve had quite a few, too.

I posted I guess what would be called a Spiritual Grace recently on here about saying a novena for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and having a dream afterwards where I was reading a book and the word CHARISM was written several times on a page. I didn’t know what the word even meant. Now I do. :slight_smile:

Another day, I was singing O Come Holy Spirit to myself in a shopping mall and as I was singing it, I looked up and there etched in a store sign was a dove.

One more. I was flying to visit my Mom and I was taking pictures from the plane. Beautiful early morning, sun shining, water glistening. Reading my daily meditation on the plane, it had to do with the 5 loaves and 2 fish, and later that day as I was looking at the pictures I had taken from the plane, there were clearly 2 fish in the sky.

I pray the Rosary every morning without fail and I have to say that it brings me so much peace and a lot of joy. Sinful compulsions that I had difficulty with have been lifted and are not even a struggle anymore.

I have never believed in coincidences… God works in mysterious ways. I just need to be awake and aware enough to pay attention to them. :slight_smile:

A very nice thread and great to hear other peoples’ experiences.


Don't even get me started on the doves.

My uncle went to Medgegore. When he had pictures developed there was an image of Mary, in light form, in one of the pictures.


I don't know if these are signal graces, but 2 or 3 times lately when I've had a question or problem concerning the Faith on my mind, I seem to pick up just the right book from my large stack and find the answer I need.

Then once when I was driving to church, I had a thought that God didn't really care for me, that I imagined it all the time. I was in a bad mood. Anyway, as I drove around a sharp bend in the 2-lane road there was a police car, lights flashing, headed right at me, passing a car! I stopped just in time, with just enough room for him to get back on his side of the road. There was no place on the hill to pull over. Shook me up a little, but afterwards I felt like I was in the palm of His hand.


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