Signal Graces.

I have been reading that when a person prays the Rosary, that our blessed mother sometimes provides what are known as signal graces. I don’t know if I have ever received a signal grace. I am sure i probably have but I just don’t know how to recognize it. How would I know if it is a signal grace or not. It has become especially challenging since i know pray the Rosary without a stated intention. Trusting it to Mary’s Intercession and the Love Jesus has for her . God knows whats best so I am trusting it to him Through Our Lady’s intercession.
Thanks and God Bless.

Well, I think you will know when you get a signal grace. I have gotten a few since I started praying the Rosary regularly a year ago. Each time I KNEW right away that it was a signal grace from praying the Rosary. You will just get a “feeling” and you will “know.” I don’t expect to get signal graces. If God never gives me another one, I will continue to pray the Rosary. But they are wonderful blessings if and when you do receive them. I will give you a couple of examples that happened to me. I was praying for a particular person–for her to repent and live her life for Jesus. So one day I’m talking to this person on the phone and she begins to tell me how she had been convicted of a particular sin and had STOPPED this sin! And I immediately smiled to myself and silently said, “Praise God!” I had been praying for the conversion of another person and this person’s spouse started telling me how her husband had been dreaming the other night and he kept saying, “Hell’s Angels…Hell’s Angels…” Well everyone else who was listening to the conversation laughed and mentioned the motorcycle gang. I did NOT laugh but instead instinctively knew the “Hell’s Angels” were demons and the dream was a warning. How did I know this? Well, I don’t know for sure, but it was a very strong immediate thought that came to my head, and I associated the thought with my having been praying the rosary for this person. There are a couple of other incidents but for me they have involved praying for other people and then receiving little “glimpses” that the people are changing or at least God is giving them Graces.

I didn’t hear the term “signal grace” until we’ll after these things happened, but looking back, they may have been…

One of the first times I prayed the Seven Sorrows rosary with my SIL’s group, one of the things asked for in the prayers was “the grace of complete sincerity and repentence”. I thought to myself, “yeah…that’s what I want.”. About 5 days later, I was taking someone’s place at the Adoration Chapel. I went with no agenda, except being there. As I knelt, I got what I asked for! “hold on, Jesus, let me write this down.” It was quite a list that I took to confession the next week. My confessor had one word for me when I was done…“wonderful”. Shortly after that he asked if I would be a EMHC. There was just a feeling of “wow”. Everything fell into place so perfectly.

Another instance… I was feeling very much like God was very silent in my life. I went to confession, but said nothing of the silence. As he was giving me my penance, (something abou listening to God) my confessor interrupted himself to say, “and there’s no two ways about it, God DOES speak to you and you do listen”. It was another wow - an answer to a question I hadn’t asked.

One more? I have been having an ongoing conversation about confession with a co-worker for the past 10 years. It had been nearly 40 years since she had been and has every excuse you’ve ever heard. This past year, maybe I sensed that it was getting closer. On the feast of Our Lady of Kibeho in November, I sat in the adoration Chapel and asked Our Lady to help reel this one in. Within a month, she came to work one morning saying, “I need to talk to that man (our priest) before Christmas”. I sent him an email a few days later with the subject, “got a net?”. Three days before Christmas she went to confession and on Christmas received Jesus for the first time in 37 years. She said she could feel a sensation when she returned to her pew. Lots of graces there. Signal or otherwise. Seven months later, things in her life continue to fall into place.

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