Significance of "East" in Ezekiel


In the Book of Ezekiel, there seems to be great emphasis on the direction “East.” I figured there was a reason why East is emphasized. I thought it might be due to the sun rising in the east. ie. Rebirth. or Something to do with the Exile, since East is the direction the Jews were sent. I think I am missing something pretty obvious. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.


It would be helpful if you can direct us to some verses to illustrate your point so we don’t have to read all 48 chapters to search.


The SUN created by the SON rises in the East:thumbsup:

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If I’m not mistaken, East is often the direction of exile. For example, when Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, they were sent East of Eden. When we’re sent away or are headed away from where we should be, East is the direction.


Go West young man!:smiley:


Yes and the east gate being about Mary, why east?


The “East” is significant in the New Testament also.

Matt. 24:27 For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of man.


Whereas the setting sun in the west brings darkness, the rising sun in the East brings light.
And “light” brings to mind Our Lord.
John 1:4 In him was life, and the life was the light of men.
John 8:12 Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, "I am the light of the world;


Yes, the rising of the sun in the East. See this article

“For from the rising of the sun to its setting my name will be great among the nations, and in every place incense will be offered to my name, and a pure offering. For my name will be great among the nations, says the LORD of hosts.” (Mal 1:11)

“From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the LORD is to be praised!” (Psa 113:3)

“Concerning Worship towards the East: It is not without reason or by chance that we worship towards the East. But seeing that we are composed of a visible and an invisible nature, that is to say, of a nature partly of spirit and partly of sense, we render also a twofold worship to the Creator; just as we sing both with our spirit and our bodily lips, and are baptized with both water and Spirit, and are united with the Lord in a twofold manner, being sharers in the mysteries and in the grace of the Spirit. Since, therefore, God is spiritual light, and Christ is called in the Scriptures Sun of Righteousness and Dayspring, the East is the direction that must be assigned to His worship. For everything good must be assigned to Him from Whom every good thing arises. Indeed the divine David also says, Sing unto God, ye kingdoms of the earth: O sing praises unto the Lord: to Him that rideth upon the Heavens of heavens towards the East . Moreover the Scripture also says, And God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there He put the man whom He had formed: and when he had transgressed His command He expelled him and made him to dwell over against the delights of Paradises, which clearly is the West. So, then, we worship God seeking and striving after our old fatherland. Moreover the tent of Moses had its veil and mercy seat towards the East. Also the tribe of Judah as the most precious pitched their camp on the East. Also in the celebrated temple of Solomon the Gate of the Lord was placed eastward. Moreover Christ, when He hung on the Cross, had His face turned towards the West, and so we worship, striving after Him. And when He was received again into Heaven He was borne towards the East, and thus His apostles worship Him, and thus He will come again in the way in which they beheld Him going towards Heaven; as the Lord Himself said, As the lightning cometh out of the East and shineth even unto the West, so also shall the coming of the Son of Man be. So, then, in expectation of His coming we worship towards the East. But this tradition of the apostles is unwritten. For much that has been handed down to us by tradition is unwritten.” (Hilary of Poitiers, John of Damascus. Chapter 12, 81.)





Mary is the gate through which Christ entered the world. The East gate was shut signifying Mary’s perpetual virginity according to this article.

“Then He brought me back
to the outer gate of the Sanctuary,
which faces East;
and it was shut.
And He said to me,
“This gate shall remain shut;
it shall not be opened,
and no man shall enter by it;
for the Lord, the God of Israel,
has entered by it;
therefore it shall remain shut.
Only the Prince may sit in it
to eat bread before the Lord;
He shall enter by way of the vestibule of the gate,
and shall go out the same way” (Ezek 44:1-3).


When I was in Jerusalem I found if you go to the mount of Olives which is East of the sealed shut East gate you will see thousands of Jewish burial tombs facing the East gate because the Jews believe that when the Messiah comes he will go through that gate and they will then rise from the dead.


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