Significance of Jesus Statue in a Glass Coffin

First of all, I was unsure of where best to put this post, so if it is in the wrong forum, I apologize. Please feel free to move it if needed. The reason for the post, however, stems from my honeymoon trip last year. My wife and I went down to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and we visited a few Churches in addition to the one we went to Mass at on that Sunday. While we were visiting those Churches, we noticed something in them which wasn’t something we saw back in the States - a bloody Jesus statue laying down in a glass coffin (if you want to see any, just Google Image something like “Jesus in a glass coffin” and I’m sure you’ll find some images). Is there anyone on this forum that knows the reason for this tradition? Is it strictly a Central American tradition? Any other info? My wife and I talked about it, and I did some searching online, but we couldn’t get any info.

If you look up this site:

The only significance I can see thus far is an artist conception depicting Jesus death.
Not exactly my idea of picturing Jesus body wrapped in burial cloth in the Tomb made out of hewn rock with a heavy stone at its entrance.
Jesus wasn’t put in a coffin anyways.


That was a good example of what I saw in the Churches of those two countries. And your comment is where I’m coming from…He wasn’t in a coffin but was in a tomb. So I guess that’s what I meant by wondering about the significance - why the coffin? I guess it could just be an artist’s viewpoint, but I started to wonder if it was more of a regional tradition for some reason.

Could it have been just protecting an old and perhaps valuable piece of sculpture? People do like to touch or kiss such depictions, after all, and perhaps the paintwork was being damaged.

I guess its popular in countries Christianized by the Spanish, there are a lot of those in the Philippines.

The said statue in a glass coffin usually is used for a procession around town on Good Friday after the 3pm service. At other times of the year its kept, some parishes would have a room to keep statues in the back, while some will have a spot for it somewhere in the church throughout the year.

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