Significant other suddenly reveals unusual moral beliefs

By the medical establishment and by the mainstream media.

Nobody wants to believe that convenient, efficient pharmaceuticals could be abortifacient. For one thing, that makes it a whole lot harder for Jane Catholic to say “contraception is a matter between me and my own conscience, Father X in my high school religion class told me so, and that’s the last time I ever gave it any thought”.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I had a “Father X”. He is now banned from the priesthood for life (though, for some reason, not laicized), for reasons that have nothing to do with contraception.

[ As an aside, I am learning that being laicized is not somehow “the ultimate punishment.” It’s more like taking a criminal and making them a citizen of a different country so they aren’t in your jurisdiction anymore & you don’t have to deal with them. Some argue against laicization because it would be better to keep these priests and send them to a life of prayer and penance vs just boot them out of religious life and then they’re free to do as they please unless the civic law sentences them. ]

And that may have been what happened. For all I know, he may indeed be living a life of prayer and penance.

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