Sigrid Spath

I thought I read a post in this forum about Sigrid Spath-translator for Vatican Documents in the Catholic/Lutheran dialogue who was a Lutheran- she wanted to convert to the RCC towards the end of her life but Pope Benedict discouraged her stating she would do more for both churches if she remained A Lutheran, which she did- and later died a Lutheran.
Is this true? Or just urban legend?
I thought the Catholic Church taught that anyone who knows the RCC is the true church but remains outside of it cannot be saved? If true this is the Pope himself urging someone not to convert! Does that mean Benedict considers Lutherans to be part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church?
I did a search on this subject and did come up with some articles that seemed to confirm this.
I’m not trying to be polemical or start an argument as I have been looking into converting myself (maybe) someday to the RCC.
It just makes me wonder if the RCC is starting to recognize that salvation can exist in Protestant Communities outside of the RCC.

Don’t believe everything that you read. I can almost guarantee that there is more to that story.

Vanny, if, in a moment of crisis, I told you I wanted to covert to Lutheranism, would you advise me against it?

the short answer is yes, if I felt you hadn’t looked into it enough, or if you were leaving Catholicism for the wrong reasons. That’s why there probably IS more to the story, but I’d like to read it.

Yes, I completely agree.

If you do find more information, please share. :slight_smile:

What Pope Benedict may have said to a private individual does not affect the Church’s teaching. Even if a pope wanted to change the teaching in question, he couldn’t; it has already been settled infallibly.


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