Silence by Endo

I read a wonderful novel by shūsaku Endō and it was a very hard read for me but in the end after I read the novel on publisher note it saids this
“Silence is the story of two men who risked their lives in order to follow the command of Christ during this period of brutal persecution. In the face of such devotion,shouldn’t God bless them or at least protect them? Jesus says He would be present with them but where was He when the Japanese Christians were killed? Jesus said the Holy Spirit would give them power. Why didn’t the power of God deliver them? And how would He judge the Japanese who verbally rejected their faith when faced with torture or death?” How do you respond to these questions? Also one more near the end of the novel the former teacher of the priest said “Certainly Christ would have apostatized for them(Japanese Christians)” In the novel the Japanese officials want the clergy members to apostatized so the Japanese Christians can lose hope and the former teacher said to the priest that the only way he could save these Christians was to renounce the Faith and the Christians would be free. Would Christ have done that ? And near the end of the novel the priest heard a voice trample who was that voice was it Christ,the devil or was he insane?

Jesus being with the persecuted and even to martyrdom …the Holy Spirit being with them…does not mean they will not suffer or not be martyred.

It is means they can be faithful to Christ despite that persecution (as so many thousands of real Christians were during that persecution in Japan!!).

And then they will inherit the great joys of the kingdom!

The novel is a very controversial one…

and yes writers have noted they think the “voice” was a temptation he gave into…for it is not consistent with the words of Christ in the Gospels.

Oh I see then now I understand so Jesus is suffering with them alongside with them and Holy Spirit with and of course I know because st polycarp,St. Peter,St. Paul miki, St Andrew,St Justin of Rome,and St ignatius of Antioch suffered and died as martyrs for the Faith and yes I know the novel was very controversial and ah I see so the “voice” was a temptation because Christ would never say that and personally I think it was the devil

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