Silence in the Church!

GREAT Video!


Amen Father!

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The video jumps and bounces. I could not hear what he said.

Try this link???

Silence. What a concept!
No sports scores.
No family news.
No sale prices.
Just silence.


Thank you po18guy. That worked until I paused it. Wen I restarted it the bouncing and jumping began again. However, I could hear it and had watched most
of it before I paused it. He gave some very good reasons why it is important to be silent in church.

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Silence is golden.


Credit to CajunJoy65 for posting this!

There should be a PC with this video in every narthex. Parishioners must watch and agree before entering.

OK, that’s too much, but still…


God has the first word, and our silence opens our hearts to hear him.

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