Silence is golden at T.T. Knight Middle School

Hard for me to imagine it, but
this turned up as a news item
(CNN/ US News/ South):

Link leads to:

"LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) – Simply talking in the hall can land students at one school in detention. The principal says it’s a move to keep kids out of trouble, but one parent says it’s not working.

Many of us remember the olden days at school – the bell rings, a mob hits the halls, and then there was five minutes to see friends, get gossip, and get to your next class. At T.T. Knight Middle School, those days are gone.

“I think it’s unfair,” says student D.J. Herm.

Silence is the rule there, because, as Principal Faith Stroud puts it, “I am a principal that uses data.” She installed hallway cameras in October and found that sometimes bullying and fights start there between classes. … ."

As I recall my years in Catholic schools, there 
was "Silence in the Hallways" from Day One of 
Kindergarten right through all four years of high school.

This is news to some though?

So students will never learn the hard facts of life: how to deal with anger and repressed emotions, how to dialogue and keep company, how to compromise…

Like it or not, fights are essential for the growth of boys …
Even child animals play fighting …
But SHE is a Director, no wonder she does not understand the data of the video-cameras. You need to have data but better, to interpret it…

Seems to me they will learn self-control in the silent hallways.
Other “issues” can be worked out elsewhere - not between classes!

IMO giving a kid detention just for saying “hi” to a friend is serious overkill.

As a sub we follow the same routine they do with our elementary kids. However, we do not give the kids detention for talking in the hallways. For the most part they do obey the silent rule. There is no need to give them detention. Detention should be used for more serious issues.

This principal is taking this way too far.

You can teach children self-control without punishing them.

I agree 100%.

Hmmm, the school has poor test scores according to the article. Sounds like they need to be more concerned with what the kids are learning than whether or not they are talking in the hallway.

Not to mention not letting the parents know of this change was a BIG mistake on her part. This well be overturned when enough parents kick up a fuss and they will because they will get sick and tired of there kids constantly being in detention for simply saying “hi” to their friends.

You are a lady… that is what I said…girls play with dolls…
Better to solve the problems before adults than else-where, among needles and sniffing …

She, as a director, will have a nice time… In the end of the year: “zero fights!”.
I am in education too and realize that you may have quiet kids with deep problems and with an ENORMOUS lack of concentration.
Once I was giving classes, and there she sat, in front of me, the most beautiful girl of class, always looking at me and staring. That is Heaven for any teacher, to have a beautiful girl always catching every word of what you say.
But something smelled me foul for when I asked her to participate, she always gave the wrong answers.
A light came to my head and suddenly I asked her: " Mary K., you are not attentive to what I say and you are understanding nothing of what I say, no?".
Without taking her eyes of mine and with a big smile that only teen girls can make, she confided: “Absolutely nothing !”.
It was my first year teaching, I never forgot her, maybe her children were my students already, but that was one of the great lessons I learnt: Not always what seems to be, is.

Maybe if these kids jump and shout on breaks, they would be more attentive in the class. No child can be kept quiet for 8 hours a row, day after day. That is slavery…

My view, of course…

Yes, I’m a lady who grew up with six brothers and ‘a dozen-plus’ male first cousins.
All of us attended Catholic schools and all abided by the silence rule for hallways.

All children are free to visit, get loud, be goofy - in classrooms before
class begins and after class ends. No one forces them into the hallways.
Yet when they do enter the hallways? SILENCE. In grade schools, there
is recess (outside) twice a day, and this time is VERY loud. In high schools,
there is cafeteria-time for everyone with NO silence.

I am a Knight Middle School parent. The Silence issue is not the only issue the school has. The children are not allowed to speak to teachers or other students in the hall. When they are in the hallway,they must stay in a line,carrying an 18 lb binder in their arms while the Vice Principal loudly “reminds” them they are NOT to speak. If a child should accidentily step off the black tape line they must walk on,they are punished,if they use the water fountain,they are punished,if they ask to use the always locked restrooms,they are punished. The students are not allowed to speak in class unless called upon or they have their homework doubled or tripled. They have also not been allowed to talk in the lunchroom,because a staff member decided they were too animated. The school allows no recess or celebrations. If a student should act out his/her classmates all face punishment. My honor roll student lives with constant fear/stress because she is always afraid someone may act up. If you attempt to speak to Ms Stroud or any other staff member at Knight,they make it perfectly clear they are the only voice allowed at Knight,if they don’t just flat out ignore you all together. I feel trapped,because there seem to be so few willing to take a stand & make a change at Knight. yes,they are a failing school,but my 6th grader was/is not responsible for their past history. My home is paid for. I cannot afford to move out of district,nor can I afford private school. How does anyone make a change in this situation?:frowning: Thank-you for listening. God Bless.

Thank you for giving a more detailed explanation of what’s going on
at the school. Yes, much of it sounds very extreme and repressive.

Very sad.
God bless you too.

This is neither an endorsement nor a condemnation of this school’s policy. Just saying that the Catholic schools of my childhood also forbade talking in the halls between classes. Methinks it was a form of Crowd Control :smiley: (between classes and at the beginning of each new class). Learning was regarded very seriously, and socializing was relegated to the playground (recess, lunch, etc.). Hence the need for order & silence at the start of each class period.

Yes, it’s a bit overkill.

My real problem is that, in many schools, kids aren’t allowed to hug eachother anymore. That’s sad and can’t be beneficial for social development.

As the Governator would say: “You kids are soft!!! You lack discipline!!!”

And of course:

lol :smiley:

Speaking of this, I think I need to run my toddler through an obstacle course!!

My memories exactly. :thumbsup: We didn’t have tape for the lines, but we did have square floor tiles!

Have you noticed that people seem to have forgotten that you always “WALK on the RIGHT!!!” This is especially neccessary in crowded subways and malls, but now it’s crazy!!! CHAOS I TELL YOU!!!

Good observation. :smiley:

It’s funny how adults sometimes, in trying to solve one problem, create an entire problem culture around something else.

This is seriously crazy.

Kind of amusing as well. :slight_smile:

Not only is this extreme, IT WON’T WORK.

I want to say I’ve read somewhere that 80% of communication is non-verbal. Ever enjoyed someone’s threatening glare? At least a verbal fight/bullying would get noticed. Poor kids.

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