Silence is Golden

:cool:Silence is Golden
by Donald F Hudzinski

The silence of the first Adam ushered in Satan into the first camp of God and his words changed everything. The silence of Saint Joseph ushered in his Son, the Son of God, into the camp of Satan and His word changed everything.

We seldom look at the Incarnation as reversing the events of the garden of Edan and ushering in the restored marriage of a new Adam and Eve. We tend not to see Saint Joseph’s part as that of the new Adam.

The first Adam was to be a guard and as a guard, like the guard of a walled city, he was to sound the alarm. Then the occupants of the camp would have come to his rescue, but he was silent, and the enemy entered. The new Adam, Saint Joseph, was a member of Israel, a guardian of the faith of Israel, was to sound the alarm, but was silent. For Israel’s heart had turned to stone and as Christ said, “you do not know Me, because of your father, is the father of lies”. So now we have it, what Satan did in the beginning Christ does to His enemy. What goes around, comes around, and the enemy is conquered by his own plot. So it is that the Incarnation ushers in the new creation and the story begins again, but with twist the end of an exile into the camp of sin.

In this new creation, we are no longer slaves of sin, released by the cross, we are friends of God. Son and daughters of His, no longer to be slaves of sin. We are no longer left on our own, but dwell in the house of our Father. Prodigal sons and daughters, as we acknowledge our sin and repent. The Father accepts His children back and gives us the sacraments to keep us safe.

Christ will come again and completely destroy our enemy, then we will truly be free to live in the house of the Lord forever.

All this because one man, Saint Joseph was silent. It was this silence that has destroyed our enemy, thus it is golden.

Jesus is the new Adam, not Joseph.

The story of Noah is a recreation story, thus it is said, Noah is the new Adam and his wife the new Eve in this recreation story. The story of Abraham and Sarah is the same.

Paul referrs to Jesus as the Last Adam, but never the new Adam, but we can assume, that if Jesus is the Last, then He was a New. The term Last was a reference to the fact that the Church is the last of the recreation stories, and that the Church is the Last of the New Adam’s in that it is the Body of Christ.

The Incarnation is the ultimate recreation story. The Eucharist is our Incarnation, the preist is the New Adam, and his bride, us Catholics, is the New Eve of the current day.

For you to say that there is but one New Adam is to say you do not know little about the Bible. Maybe you do not know about typing, if not you should learn, lets keep it at that.

CCC 128-133

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