Silence of Act

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I search an explanation to this fact.
In Luke’s Gospel, Luke says that Jesus’s tomb is empty. And in Act, we have the story of the Young Church.
For the Romans ( who weren’t christians), the best explanation of this fact is that there was a grave robbery ( and Jesus suffered death penalty with the authorisation of the romans).
Grave robbery was a big crime for Romans and there is no story of an enquest in Act.
And it’s very plausible that the Matthew’s story of guards for Jesus’s tomb is an apologetic story that is not true.

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Sorry for my poor english, I am French.

If the tomb were not empty then the Romans and Jews would have made sure everyone knew were it was and that the Body of Jesus was still there. Grave robbery may have been a big crime at the time but it was for artifacts that were buried with the person not for their body.

I believe the OP is commenting on the ‘silence’ in the acts of the apostles regarding the fact that Jesus was resurrected. The implication being that there is no record in the acts of the apostles regarding the fact that other people noticed that the tomb was empty.

Just trying to get the question right.

Of that is the case then it makes it much easier to answer. Act is the continuation of Luke’s Gospel.

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