Silencing of Traditional Bishops by Pope Francis


Some questions regarding this.

  1. Is this within Francis’ power as the Pope?
  2. If #1 is ‘yes’, ought that power be used for clearly ideological/partisan reasons?
  3. If #1 is no, what can the Church do concerning this?

(Before anyone comments, yes, I know that Fr. Z can sometimes be a little edgy. However, he cited sources, and they are both reliable.)


Seriously, Max… why? Just why? :roll_eyes:



This suppression of Bp Schneider makes me sad.


The word also has gone out to US bishops not to invite Cardinal Burke…and if some other group invites/pays for him to come, for the bishops not to attend his talks.





Speaking of that…


Sad, but not surprising. Holy and faithful bishops are silenced while borderline heretics are given free reign. I wonder if there is some kind of plausible reason given for these restrictions? Yet McCarrick was allowed to trot across the globe while it was an open secret that he was an abuser.


Rather disturbing, isn’t it? You don’t like what Bishop A or Cardinal B is saying…silence them!!! Isn’t this basically what we’re seeing from the political left right now in the U.S.?


Wait, no “mercy” or “accompaniment” shown to Cardinal Burke? They’re not going to “build a bridge” to reach him out on the “peripheries?” Surely Cardinal Burke has gifts and qualities to offer the Church. Hmmmm…


He’s had a largely ceremonial job for ages now… the Pope clearly sent him off to pasture years ago.


I am Liking the your post for the cartoon. But I share the concerns of the OP.


“Resistance is now evident,” And that is a good sign for me, getting the resistance out into the open, no stealthy mumbling when there is disagreement. It’s healthy to get things out into the open, it’s very healthy."

“Resistance means different points of view, not something dirty, It is connected to some decisions I may occasionally take, I will concede that. … I am not worried. It all seems normal to me. If there were no difference of opinions, that wouldn’t be normal.”
~Pope Francis Dec. 2014~

Hmmm…I wonder what has changed? And why doesn’t the above quote still apply to Bishop Schneider and Cardinal Burke??? 036_hmmm


Whose tradtion is referred to here?


I love that these clergymen are disciplined so quickly and directly, but perverted ones and those who covered them up aren’t. No, they are allowed to destroy and abuse. :rage:


Hey, things need to be discussed.

Dirty laundry, if not aired, turns to mold and rots and ruins the clothes.


Burke 11 years younger than Pope Francis.
Schneider is 57.


So… judging by your laundry analogy you went with Floodgates? :laughing:


Which means he may be given a more active role in Church governance down the road… but not under the present Pope.


Oh, that’s such a deliciously clericalist attitude.


Oh come on. It’s bad now to point out legitimate concerns about a pope?

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