Silencing of Traditional Bishops by Pope Francis


It is not his Church. He does not own it. Christ does. The pope is not all knowing and impeccable. Don’t fall for papalotry.


When has Pope Francis ever once beem guilty of “severe heterodoxy?”

That’s simply a roundabout way of calling him a “heretic.”


OK, that’s valid.

However, his refusal to comment on the McCarrick case, his refusal to answer the Dubia…

It’s certainly an abrupt departure from the norm


Just because he hasn’t answered them publicly doesn’t mean he’s ignored them.

We do not know all the inner workings and movings of the Roman Curia…

We ought to give the Holy Father the benefit of the doubt and say either he has responded to them in some way, or he has a good reason to not respond to them publicly.

It is scandalous to hastily judge the Vicar of Christ.


I’m not judging him.

I’m simply stating facts concerning the Francis pontificate.


I didn’t here about this? What happened!? I’m very behind on certain news. He’s the reason I’ll never receive communion in the hand again! And he helped me understand other areas I wasn’t doing so well in my spiritual life either.


Please read my original post.


Who knows?


Apparently Bishop Schneider has basically been told to not leave his diocese unless it’s for a conference.


Hm :frowning: thank goodness we have media today.


LOL. Well confusing times ain’t it???

Let’s add option #4: Pope Francis is being blackmailed/threatened against his will and is being made to say/do all these crazy things… maybe something really terrible, so he has to choose the lesser evil which is what we’re getting now… Could be all a trick? Making it ‘look like’ Francis is against Tradition and against Burke and traditional bishops by imposing on him to act/not act on issues, to create division in the Church? What he really wants is us to ‘read between the lines’ and increase our Faith :wink: !!! For the majority of us lay people we really don’t have the means to know otherwise… Lol, looking at the glass half-full… we gotta pray peeps…


The way Francis has treated the more traditional clergy is what has disappointed and troubled me most about his papacy. It’s not something I had too much concern about until I started seeing a pattern.

I don’t remember any of the recent pontificates being this unbalanced as far as how different factions of the church were treated. None of the recent predecessors were perfect either, but I felt that previous popes made more of an effort to be collegial, even to the annoyance of all factions in the Church.


People accused Pope Benedict of being a hard liner for the “right”… yet in truth he elevated both “conservative” AND “progressive” cardinals. He seemed to embrace both “wings” even if he himself was always perceived to be a conservative. Pope Francis seems to have very little patience for the “conservative” wing of the Church… but that’s his prerogative.

  1. Certainly (although it should be done in accord within some sort of just and legal framework)
  2. I suppose not.



He forgot to put a fence around the pasture, I guess. In seriousness, I don’t think bishops have tended to have anything to do with Cardinal Burke’s speaking engagements. He gives talks to this or that lay organization, canon law groups, etc.



No it is not. As Pope of the whole Church, he shouldn’t just ignore or silence a whole wing of the Church. He should try and keep the Church unified, rather than ostracize conservatives.


Fr. Z compares Pope Francis to Mao Zedong in this blog. I think Fr. Z needs a Snickers.


Fr Z has also said, more than once, that Archbishop Vigano’s physical life is literally in danger… and often warns about the hateful and / or violent tendencies of “liberals”… while I enjoy many of his posts, there’s sometimes a tin foil hat conspiracy feel to that blog.


However, while it’s far less severe, it is a sort of attempt to control ideas and the spread of them within the Church


All I can say is HOORAY!!

Hopefully, there is an intervention relative to Steve Bannon’s work in the Vatican as well. One can only hope and pray

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