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Hi Everyone,

I’ve been lurking around here for several months, learning a lot about our faith, and this is my first post.
I recently found out that there will be a Silent No More Awareness Gathering in Seattle in late January. For those of you in the Seattle area who are also post-abortive and are suffering, or are not post-abortive and would like to help those who are, this is a great opportunity. I am enlcosing a link to the website where you can find more
God Bless!


I am so sorry that you had to go through that. God Bless You for doing something about it! Heal the soul!



Welcome aboard, krissums! Glad you signed up & posted.
Just FYI, have you also heard of Rachel’s Vineyard?


I attended a dinner a couple of months ago at which Jennifer O’Neill spoke. She was wonderful, touching, heartbreakingly honest, couragous and inspiring.


Stephanie, Thanks for bringing up Rachel’s Vineyard. I attended a retreat two years ago. It changed my life…before that I was depressed and suicidal. Now I can accept what is without hating myself.

That’s why these Silent No More Awareness gatherings are so important…to let other women know that help is out there.



You have learned sooner than I did that we can speak more honestly about our mistake ( I know it is a euphemism, but I have to accept the forgiveness of Christ, too. ) and we can be the courageous voice of one of the victims. I had thought for years that I could never stand up for pro-life issues because I had failed. Too many other women have felt that, too. But your courage in posting this thread is just the right kind of antidote to shame and guilt.

Thanks for posting. Sorry you know the pain, glad you know the forgiveness. Especially glad that you posted this thread. :heart:



Just this afternoon a group of us active in pro life in the Vancouver, WA area gathered at a busy intersection with pro life signs. I held “Women deserve better then abortion”. My deepest respect and prayers to you dear woman in the Silent No More groups.

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