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I just recently spent the week-end at a monastery that has the Latin Mass. They are Benedictine monks. Building a fabulous monastery there. I went to Mass every day and thought I was getting the hang of it when on Sunday the pews were full and I was in the back and could not see very much…I was lost again. :o But it was quite wonderful and I will continue to go, eventually to become familiar with it hopefully. It is over a hundred mile round trip and I camp close by. It is in a remote area down an unpaved road and only go on occasion. Anyway I digress. The congregation does not say the responses,ie the Creed or the Our Father or anything else they are silent throughout only bowing, kneeling and standing. Is this ordinarily practiced in the TLM or is it distinctive of the monastery?

Thanks anyway…sorry for the dumb question. I found my answer someplace else.

Thats how the sacrafice of the mass is celebrated. You should have a read over this website

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That’s how it is done at the Church were I attend the TLM. As it is a Missa Cantata, the choir chant the responses.

I prefer the silent participation. It allows me to meditate on the passion and focus deeply on the sacrifice that is taking place at the altar. It’s like putting yourself in Mary’s shoes. During the crucifiction of her son, she couldn’t do anything but watch and pray. She stood and watched the sacrifice of her only son and prayed throughout. That’s the way I approach the Mass. I don’t need to shake people’s hands and utter responses to participate in the Mass - I do this on a much deeper spiritual level.

Stick with the Latin Mass. It will greatly enrich your spiritual life and give you a profound respect for the Eucharist.

My suggestion is to stay away from the most holy family monastery website. They are sedevacantists.

Stay away from the sedevacante position, and espically this poster who has an agenda whenever they post.

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