Silent prayer by priest during Confession?


I know Confession questions persist on CAF, and here I am adding to it.

During the Sacrament tonight, something different happened: after I confessed my sins and I said I was sorry, we talked about my sins, a couple in particular, and he said that he would be praying silently for a moment for me. I’ve never had a priest do that. We then talked more. Unless this was his first night as a Confessor, I didn’t tell him anything that he hadn’t heard before, maybe not even that evening.

Has anyone else had a priest do that? Is it new, old, standard?

Also, this was the first time that I had a priest tell me he’d be suffering <?> for my sins for me…or making ‘sacrifices’ for me.

I don’t believe that I’ve confessed to this priest before; it was either one of our new priests, or one from a neighboring parish.

Lord, I praise You and thank You for Your Forgiveness. Thank you for this great Sacrament that is so healing. You are so Great and Awesome, God. I thank you in addition for the 1 hour wait before it was my turn at Confession; God is truly so good. Please bless all those in attendance this evening, on this regular, weekly confession night. Thank you for my penance, and for the priest; bless him in all ways and continue to guide him. I pray that more will be led to this Sacrament and to Your Holy Church. Amen.


I have had something similar with one of our priests. He does not pray silently, but sometimes after giving me a little guidance or encouragement he spontaneously starts praying…asking God to give me various graces, etc… I like it. :slight_smile:

I have heard of priests making sacrifices for people as well, although that’s never happened with me.


It sounds like something Padre Pio would say…

I dont think its bad, I think its his way of sharing the faithful’s suffering with trying to avoid sin and reconciling with God. Do you know what his order is? it may shed a light on this too.

I think its also cool to have him say a silent prayer for you first.


Sounds like he takes his job pretty seriously.


I’m fine with it, just surprised. Although I’m in my 40s, I’ve probably been to confession less than 2 dozen times in my life, and most of those are in the last 9 months between 2 different parishes.


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