Silent retreats?


Does anybody know of any affordable silent retreats or “good catholic” retreats in Minnesota area?
I found one at the Franciscan house in Prior Lake MN (which is only about a an hours drive) for this coming weekend but it’s $140.00 and I just cant do that right now. :frowning:
I would really prefer a silent retreat but a non silent one would be fine too.:slight_smile:

Mary, Queen of the Saints…Pray for us


Although they do not have their complete schedule for next year and they are not inexpensive, Opus Sanctorum Angelorum has held silent retreats in Minnesota (Buffalo to be exact) in the past. They still have the 2008 information up on the retreat link. I have been on 2 here in Michigan and will be doing my third with them in February.


I don’t know of any where you are, but I know an order of nuns that gives them in Missouri. They have a convent in St. Louis, with a “solitude” in one of the suburbs. But the one I’m most familiar with is their solitude just outside of Marionville, MO. It’s called “Queen of Heaven Solitude.” It’s out in the country, off a two lane road. You can look it up on the internet, I’d tell you more but I can’t seem to find my little pamphlet about them.

You would have your own “hermitage.” Basically a small building just big enough for a bedroom and small bathroom. One of the nuns would get with you each day to help you along. You eat your meals alone, and are as alone as you want to be. You can attend their prayer times 3 times a day, and also ride with them into town for daily mass.

It’s a beautiful place, and I got a lot of help from my retreats there. It only costs what you can afford to pay. I hope this helps.


There is a relatively new retreat facility near Sioux Falls, SD called Broom Tree Retreat Center. I’ve attended a silent retreat there (as well as a few others) and each time has been excellent.
Great facilities and facilitators! I’d highly recommend it.:thumbsup:


Thanks guys but…
opus is not in the area yet, cant go to Missouri and cant drive to SD.
I’ll keep checking back to this thread to see if anyone comes up with some winners.
Gods Blessing to all who go out of their way to help a stranger.:signofcross:

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The BSP is centered in Minnesota, and they should have leads to retreats facilities in the area.

Here is some contact information…

Brothers and Sisters of Penance
20939 Quadrant Avenue N - SCANDIA MN USA 55073
Phone: 651-433-2753

…and tell Bruce I sent you:D


Harry, thank you and Bruce says hello.:wink:

He was so sweet, although there is nothing going on, he offered to be a retreat master if I wanted to put a retreat together!

God is amazing…:thumbsup:


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