Silicon Valley Serfdom


I found this article on Rod Dreher's page at The American Conservative. It goes to show how liberal mega-elites in Silicon Valley have created an outstanding unequal society in their own backyard, and that they too have failed to "trickle down" their wealth and knowledge to create countless middle class jobs. Nice to put an end to that debate about "conservative" and "super-rich" being synonymous.

Tyler Cowen, economics professor at George Mason University... published a new book, Average Is Over: Powering America Beyond the Age of the Great Stagnation.

His professional opinion about our manufacturing-less, technology driven age:

The increasing ability of computers to perform ordinary tasks will inexorably transform America into an income oligarchy in which the top 15 percent of people—with skills “that are a complement to the computer”—will enjoy “cheery” labor-market prospects and soaring incomes, while the bottom 85 percent, that is to say, 267 million out of America’s 315 million people, will be lucky to find Walmart-level jobs or scrape together marginal “freelance” livings running $25-a-pop errands for their betters via TaskRabbit (say, picking up and delivering a pair of designer shoes from Nordstrom) or renting out their spare bedrooms (if they have any) to overnight lodgers via Airbnb.

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Regardless of political persuasion, being "super-rich" can easily make one "super-greedy". It is but another good case for organized labor.


The truth is automation and outsourcing have made many Americans economically obsolete and more importantly, unnecessary. What are they to organize into?


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