Silly confessions?

I always get a little embarassed at confession when i have to say i commited gluttony or had lustful thoughts or something like that. Because it sounds so formal in today’s society. I always think the priest is thinking “i can’t believe he thinks people still confess that kind of stuff, why can’t he just say he was bad and get out of here”. I know it sounds stupid. I don’t know what i can ask for help, but if anyone has any words of reassurance or advice it would help. Thanks.

Go to confession with a priest who is in a traditional order. You have to go into details there and state such sins, but in exchange you get the absolution in Latin and a heavy penance :thumbsup:

Don’t worry what the priest thinks. He shouldn’t treat you any differently because of what you mention in the confessional, not in the slightest way whatsoever. If he does, he is de facto breaking the seal of the confessional.

Remember, first and foremost, you are confessing to Our Lord.

Dont think they are going to find you using words like that as odd. Gluttony and well, whatever else is not offputting to hear to the Priest!

Its not the choice of words that is the focus anyway, its hearing your confession and my goodness I hope you dont have a priest that is going to make you feel like you should just be quick about it, use vulgar street lingo to describe your sins and move out as fast as you can.

I dont know if it would help but how about writing it out on paper first and bring the paper with you and go over it that way. Just speak clearly so you are not making him strain to hear you.

There is no such thing as a silly confession. nope.

Confessing ones’ sins is sometimes very difficult and embarassing and with good cause. But, more than likely the priest has heard these same sins over again and hopefully will guide you in a way that you will not commit these sins again. What should be upper most in your heart is repentance, that is, not to sin again. But, we do and we find ourselves again with the priest telling the same sins. If the priest knows you well enough to see you privately to overcome some of your problems this is to your advantage. There is nothing silly in confession. Not going is the silly thing.

You can be a bit less formal maybe - say ‘I had Christmas dinner last night and really made a pig of myself’ or whatever.

As for the content of what you’re confessing - they may not feel like big things to you now, but when you get a bit more time and a bit of spiritual progress under your belt, you’ll probably look back and see that even some of these seemingly minor sins can actually be quite damaging to your relationship with God.

The thoughts you entertain have their source in the devil. Banish them as soon as they arise and with force, tell him to ‘get stuffed’ and continue as you are.

The devil would liek nothing more than to convince you that what you are doing is pointless even needless.

Be assured that there is great rejoicing in Heaven when a sinner repents: even the least of them!! Yes there is rejoicing in Heaven, for repentance over those ‘trivial’ sins that we all have. You gonna be a party pooper for all the Angels and Saints? :wink:

Even though are sins may be trivial (I prefer the word venial) they meet grace head on in the Confessional and we, in the words of St Paul, “are strenghtened to endure whatever comes.”

Be proud of yourself. Jesus is proud of you.

Actually that is just the detail you are to give, you are to state the sin in a clear manner without being too general like “i was bad” and without being too detailed like "I ate 3 cakes, 4 scoops of ice cream, 5 ounces of chocolate, etc"
or if it was lust IF it was just a mental fantasy you say something like “I lusted after a woman”, unless you engaged in sexual sins like masturbation or fornication you dont need to go into further details of the “lusting”.

The only thing secular society cares about is NOT confessing because to the world nothing is really “sin”. Your one of the few on the narrow path which few find and follow (Matt 7:14), dont ever be ashamed of confessing, be ashamed of your sins and trust God’s mercy in the confessional.

As for what the priest thinks, any good priest rejoices that there are people who are not afriad to visit the confessional and open themselves up for healing grace.

It only “sounds stupid” because its so far from our culture to admit there is such a thing as sin and the need to confess.

Your manner of confession is fine.

I always get a little embarassed at confession when i have to say I commited gluttony or had lustful thoughts or something like that. Because it sounds so formal in today’s society.

It might help to express yourself a little more clearly when you confess, in order to give the priest a sense of how to guide you, as well as to pinpoint your motivation and frequency.

Example: I indulge in excessive eating and snacking due solely to an attachment for the pleasures of food … all day, every day, [or every week, etc.] He may then advise you to restrain from eating outside of meal time, take your food without embellishments of salt, quit eating when you are full, and mortify your thoughts which trigger the trip to the refrigerator. :smiley:

Example: I have lustful thoughts because I fail to avoid porn on the internet [or watch X-rated movies, read Playboy, etc.] every day, or once a week. It may be simply the devil inciting our flesh through the avenue of thought, or due to casually observing someone dressed immodestly. These kinds of specifics will help Father guide you.

I had a bad habit of profanity which used to embarrass the heck out of me to confess, because I clarified it like this:
“I use profanity whenever I am provoked … several times a day, week, month, etc.” After confessing a few minor things, the priest asked me, which one would you like most to work on? I told him this one, and he gave me a direction that helped me to gradually overcome it.

It seems oldfashioned now to utter “shucks!!” when I get annoyed, but at least I don’t have to confess that one. It gets nipped in my thoughts before it comes out in my words. :thumbsup: The problem was due to living with a person who used profanity constantly, and we pick up what our environment exposes us to.

We get a lot of help with the grace of the sacrament to overcome our sins, so I encourage you to speak of these smaller sins regularly. You will find that they will lessen in frequency and hopefully, eventually be conquered.

I’ve only one time been accused in the confessional of scrupulosity. It was at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, and after each sin the priest retorted, “that’s not a sin!”.

I had a wicked thought, next time I should confess: “I stole $100, I committed adultery, and…I told a priest two lies during confession.”

But instead, I asked Father “doesn’t the grace of the sacrament give me strength to avoid mistakes in my spiritual life?” He agreed that it did, but pointed out that dwelling on small imperfections sometimes helps us to ignore real sins of omission and lack of charity. He ran me through a pretty tough examination of conscience, and left me with a very good lesson: Confession is not a substitute for Spiritual Direction.

What would a traditional order be?

Orders which offer solely the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments according to the Missal of 1962.


FSSP - Fraternity of St.Peter -
ICRSS - Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest -

Amen! The devil will do anything to keep you away from the purifying grace of confession. There is no need to worry about dumbing down your language as long as you are honest and sincere, and neither is there a need to be concerned about what the priest might think. If he is the type to begin Mass with “Hey, duuudes!,” this reflects only upon his lack of decorum. Besides, nearly every non-Catholic who speaks English knows what gluttony and “impure thoughts” mean. I once went to confession in a small town in Ireland. I made the traditional Act of Contrition (“O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee …”) and after a long pause, the elderly priest told me that he hadn’t heard that version in over thirty years. It gave him hope that not all is lost.

It’s not the priest, although i have only met him once. It’s just that in today’s society no one every goes: “Wow that party was awsome! I was entertaining some seriously lustful thoughts. And i committed some serious gluttony during that feast. Then i got my fornication on later.” It just feels like i’m playing Dungeons and Dragons or i’m at a Renassaince Fair or something trying to talk medievel. But thanks for the help guys.

If your problem is with the words “gluttoney” or other more “medieval” words, find modern equvalents.

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