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I have been thinking about whether or not I could try to become a sister. I don’t have a major problem with giving up possessions like books, clothes or my vehicle, but I keep balking at one aggravating little thing: do nuns or sisters chew gum? If so, would I be allowed to wear earplugs? I don’t mean to cause offense; its just that right now this is the one thing, more than losing family, friends and possesions, that I perceive as being the most difficult for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know how serious you are. However, knowing a bit about God’s sense of humor, you might end up as the roommate of a gum-chewer just so God could help you learn patience and tolerance.

I think if God is calling you to a vocation, you will gain the strength you need to go forward with the call.


And I seriously doubt most orders would allow gum chewing…just my feeling, no hard knowledge.


Chewing gum is a “luxury” item, not a necessity. I doubt very seriously you would find chewing gum inside any religious order!


That’s what I’m afraid of. :rotfl:

Yes, I am serious. I think it is a hilarious problem to have, but it is definitely a problem, and I have tried to “fix” the problem for over a decade now, its still very much there. :smiley:


Well, time to turn that one over to God, don’t you think??


I really meant how serious are you about a vocation. The aversion to the sound of someone smacking chewing gum can be dealt with. Maybe it’s become a type of phobia because you’ve focused on it to the exclusion of other things.

Try praying to St. Rita, Saint of Impossible Causes.



I know, it can be dealt with; I will learn patience someday, one way or another. :smiley:

I think that I am in the beginning stages of being serious about a vocation, though I’m sure I need to wait longer, since I’m still a new Catholic. I alternate daily, sometimes hourly, between an excited “Yes!” and a terrified “No!” over the idea. So I have a long way to go yet.


I’m sorry but this made me chuckle about the gum chewing. I love gum myself and chew it often so I know what you are going through. Plus, I delight in it for lack of explaining.

I believe this may not be a problem if you don’t do it during vespers, prayers, mass; perchance in your room?

If indeed you go into the vocation, you may become famous for the Nun who chews gum. I’m only joking. :smiley:

Love ya’ll,
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I think she meant that she cannot bear the sound of someone chewing gum, and would want to wear earplugs if nuns can chew and smack gum. Now, I don’t know what the difference between chewing gum and eating food might be…To me, people who chew noisily and/or with their mouths open are revolting, but gum doesn’t bother me a lot.



I don’t know about gum chewing, but we have been blessed in our parish to have sisters from Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist spend time with our parish children, including my daughters. These sisters are very young (average age entering is 21, average age for the order is 28). My girls were impressed that they talked of having ipods and roller blading…


Food-smacking eventually stops. Gum-smacking doesn’t. :smiley:


I’m a sister in an apostolic community and I can say with a lot of certainty that you will not find much gum chewing… it doesn’t quite fit in with what is often called “religious decorum” aka acting like a lady.

There are always exceptions and every community is different but I think this probably isn’t something you need to worry about!

There will always be something though, when you are living with other women, that irritates you… so that feeling of annoyance isn’t going anywhere - it just won’t be because of gum!


[quote="TheRealJuliane, post:5, topic:283208"]

Try praying to St. Rita, Saint of Impossible Causes.


Or St. Jude


Ahh decisions, decisiions and the “But…what if …”


Yes, I figured so. Thank you for sharing, Sister. :slight_smile:


That gives you something to remind you to pray, then.

Thank God for giving you something to suffer for him!


Yes, I will try to do so. :o


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