Silly questions - cleaning a rosary?

I’ve recently returned to the church, having been away since I was a very young child.

I’ve started RCIA classes and I’m learning the rosary. I’ve made rosaries before and the special one I made for my dad he was buried with.

Now I need a rosary of my own. I don’t want to make one for myself, I want to use one of my dad’s (he had two). A couple of questions…

Is it okay to clean a rosary? Dad’s have been packed away since he passed and the crucifix and center piece are badly tarnished.

I assume I should have it re-blessed after I clean it, or not?

Is it okay to use his Knights of Columbus one, or should I use the other?

Thanks from me and my OCD :slight_smile:

I don’t see any reason why cleaning a rosary would be bad. In fact, Mary would probably appreciate it! No, you don’t need to get it re-blessed because it when it gets blessed it isn’t the object itself that is blessed, but the user. I don’t see any problem with using a Knights of Columbus one. I use one every morning! :slight_smile:

A blessed rosary is a sacramental. The only thing you can do to remove a blessing from a sacramental is to sell it (as opposed to giving it away – and of course the rosary could be re-blessed, but generally it’s wrong to sell a sacramental) or to destroy it (and if you have to, you’ll want to burn it, bury it, break it, or any combination of the above).

Go ahead & clean your rosary. It’s good to keep holy objects clean to show your dedication. I make it a habit to clean mine. :slight_smile:

I had thought you actually could sell a blessed object just as you are not selling the blessing.

I clean my sterling silver rosary with silver polish when it starts to look tarnished. It is just a matter of proper maintenance of a sacred item. The chalices and patens used at Mass to hold the Body and Blood of our Lord are cleaned every time they are used. After the purification done at the altar, they are washed in the sacristy. They do not have to be re-blessed after each cleaning. Our Blessed Mother was a good housewife. I am sure that she appreciates your efforts to keep your rosary clean and in good repair.

Thanks for the responses.

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